Antivirus App For Iphone

Best Antivirus App For Iphone

We have to be clear about one fact, that Apple has banned apps that boast of trying to scan your iPhone for any malicious software. Since Antivirus App For iPhone are always “sandboxed,” they will not be able to access data from some other apps.

Antivirus App For Iphone

When someone utters the word “antivirus app” for iOS, it actually means protecting your iOS device from dangerous threats like the following:

  • Phishing
  • Loss and theft
  • Unsafe or insecure networks

The antivirus apps for iPhone do not actually identify viruses. But the iOS “viruses” (that are different from the regular viruses in your computers and other network devices) can still steal your identity as well as hack your passwords.Therefore, it is, indeed, very important to have an antivirus app to keep your iPhone away from all kinds of cybersecurity threats.

The following are some must-have aspects in any antivirus app for your iPhone:

  • Guaranteed security
  • Efficiency
  • Usefulness

There are some free antivirus apps available for your iPhone. Although free apps will not be as effective as paid ones, you can still get some significant features and facilities out of the free Antivirus App For iPhone.

The following are 5 free antivirus apps that will suit your iPhone:

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security offers many more features than any of the other free antivirus apps for your iPhone. You might unknowingly visit some phishing websites at times. The Web Protection feature in Avira stops you from going to such fake websites.The free iPhone app from Avira also includes Avira Connect, which is an online dashboard. So, if you lose your iPhone or someone steals it from you, you can use the Avira Connect feature. You can easily log into Avira Connect from any other device and utilize the anti-theft tools offered by Avira.

Avira Mobile Security also provides the following facilities:

  • Device Analyzer
  • Call Blocker
  • Identity Safeguard
  • Contacts Backup

Apart from the above, Avira provides the features given below: Avira Phantom VPN: This feature helps in keeping your data safe and secure on public Wi-Fi networks.

Avira Password Manager: This feature organizes your account details and aids in keeping them secure. The wide range of unique features in Avira Mobile Security makes it one of the most versatile antivirus apps for your iPhone.

Phone Guardian:

People send personal, sensitive, and financial data to others using their iPhone. The Phone Guardian app primarily focuses on securing your outbound network traffic, which is nothing but the data transmitted from your iPhone.

Phone Guardian makes use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to confirm that your iPhone is connected to a safe network at all times. The VPN in Phone Guardian always encrypts the data sent from your iPhone. It then does the function of rerouting your network traffic through a different server that is more secure. By doing this function, the app makes sure that if somebody tries to intercept any of your information, that person cannot read it.

The Phone Guardian app also lets you know whether any other app is trying to gather your personal information. It prevents that app from using your personal data for any advertising purposes.

NOTE: Phone Guardian also collects data about your app usage. Users who are privacy-conscious should know this. But you can be sure about one aspect. The information that Phone Guardian collects will not be sold to advertisers because such data is anonymized.

To put it in a nutshell, Phone Guardian helps you comprehend the ways in which data-hungry apps make use of your personal information.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security offers two phone location features. Using them, you can trace your lost or stolen iPhone. You can log into your free McAfee account on some other device and use these features.

The Locate option indicates your current location of your iPhone using a map. McAfee’s CaptureCam utility is also a beneficial one. It takes your pictures using the front camera on your iPhone. Then, it sends you an email that includes your photo with the most recently known location of your device.

The Media Vault feature offers an additional layer of protection to your videos as well as pictures. This feature does the function of encrypting your device’s media and securing it behind an additional PIN.

Added to all the above facilities, McAfee Mobile Security provides you with a 3-stage “Back up, Wipe, and Restore” process. This process aids in ensuring that your contact lists are kept private.

McAfee Mobile Security makes sure that you are connected to a safe and secure Wi-Fi network. It does not give the slightest chance to any person who tries to spy on you.

Lookout Personal for iOS:

The Lookout Personal app provides you with many free phone-locating features. Its map is 100% accurate. The Scream feature is very loud and it startles people.

In case your iPhone’s battery dies, the Signal Flare feature in Lookout will send you an email containing details about the last-known location of your iPhone.

The Theft Alerts tool has been developed to identify any suspicious activities on your iPhone.

You can choose Lookout Personal for iOS if you have the habit of misplacing your iPhone often in public places. Still, its theft protection is not as good as you might expect it to be.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for iOS:

The VPN in Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for iOS offers just 300 MB of daily data. But using this VPN, you can stream videos of excellent quality from streaming sites that are geo-restricted.

This app includes a no-logs policy. This means that your browsing history is not being tracked by Kaspersky itself.

You can use the Account Check feature in this app for scanning the dark web for any password breaches. In addition to all these facilities, the app also offers a free download of its password manager.

We have now finished discussing the must-have aspects of an antivirus app and also seen some unique features of 5 different antivirus apps for iPhones.