Antivirus Rescue Disc

Rescue Disc for Antivirus Softwares

You can think of the Avira Antivirus Rescue Disc as a tool to access a computer that does not boot anymore. The Avira Antivirus Rescue disk application can be burned to any CD/DVD. This CD/DVD with the Avira Antivirus Rescue application can now be used to access the computer and recover important files, repair the computer, or scan the computer for viruses.

Antivirus Rescue Disc

Avira Antivirus Rescue CD

Here are the guidelines to use the Avira Antivirus Rescue CD to access a computer that is infected with malware. Navigate to the manufacturer’s official site and locate the Avira Antivirus Rescue CD.

  • You can download the Avira Antivirus Rescue Disc application in either the EXE or ISO format. If you have downloaded the Avira Antivirus Rescue EXE file, you can insert a blank CD into the computer and double-click the Avira Antivirus Rescue application. Follow the Avira application’s on-screen prompts to write the application to the CD. If you have downloaded the ISO file, you will need to use a third-party application such as Img Burn or Nero to write the application to the CD/DVD.
  • After you have written the Avira application to the CD/DVD, you will need to insert the CD/DVD into the infected computer. Power off the computer and then power it on. When the computer powers on, you will see a message asking you to press a specific button to enter BIOS. Press the button, and you will see the Avira application’s boot screen.
  • Press the button that corresponds to the live Antivirus Rescue Disk System as shown on the screen and then navigate to the Update tab. Choose Yes to check whether there are any Avira Rescue System updates available for download. Then, go to the Virus scanner tab and then click the Start Scanner button at the bottom. Then, you can stick to the rest of the on-screen prompts to clean up the computer.

Kaspersky Antivirus Rescue Disk 

Here are the guidelines to use the Kaspersky Antivirus Rescue Disc on your computer. Download the Kaspersky Antivirus Rescue application on your computer and burn those files to the CD/DVD. The ImgBurn application can be used to burn the Kaspersky files to the CD or DVD.

  • After the Kaspersky Antivirus Rescue application files have been written to the CD/DVD, insert it into the computer. A message prompting you to press a button to enter the menu appears. You can choose either the Kaspersky Rescue Disk Graphic Mode or Text Mode.
  • Once you have made your selection on the Kaspersky Rescue Disk screen, you have to navigate to the My Update Center tab. Choose the Start update button to download updates for the Kaspersky Antivirus Rescue application.
  • Then, go to the Objects Scan tab and select the drives which need to be scanned. Click Start Objects Scan. After these drives are scanned, you can choose to either clean or quarantine the viruses.
  • You can view the system files by going to the /discs/C: folder. From there, perform the necessary file modification actions.

Panda Antivirus Rescue CD

  • The first step of the rescue procedure is to turn on the system that is infected. Make sure you have placed a CD in the computer’s drive.
  • After the computer turns on, the Panda Cloud Cleaner Installation Wizard will open.
  • Comply with the License Agreement and tap the Enter key.
  • Wait till the Antivirus Rescue Disc preparation process is over. After the procedure is complete, the computer will be protected from the virus by the Panda software.
  • Tap any key available on the keyboard when the Analysis Can Now Start message is displayed.
  • Take out the CD from the computer when a prompt appears and press the Enter key.
  • Wait till the computer finishes restarting. The Panda Cloud Cleaner will display on your screen.
  • Click the Accept and Scan button to initiate the live Antivirus Rescue Disk cleaning process.

AVG Antivirus Rescue Disk

  • First, place the AVG Rescue CD in the CD drive.
  • Access the Boot menu available in the BIOS Settings. The proceeding step is to choose the source from which you wish to boot.
  • When the Welcome window appears, tap Enter and wait for a few seconds for the AVG rescue CD to boot.
  • Read through the License Agreement and then accept it.
  • When the Do You Want to Start Update Now message appears, select the Yes option.
  • Choose the Scan option from the Main menu after the update process is over.
  • Tap Enter key and select the Scan the Volume or Scan Directory option.
  • Once the scan procedure is complete, the scan report will be displayed.
  • Perform any one of the Report File, Delete All, and Rename All the operations based on your choice.

Linux Rescue CD Antivirus

There are various recovery tools that can be used to create a Antivirus Rescue Disc. The below-given instructions are for Kaspersky.

  • Make sure you have placed a CD in the drive and launch the Easy Media Creator on your system.
  • Go to the Data Column and select the Copy Disk option.
  • Choose the Source option. Tap the Disk Image radio button.
  • Find the ISO file by clicking the Select button.
  • Check if the Recorder Radio button near the CD-Writer option is highlighted.
  • Click the Burn button to initiate the live Antivirus Rescue Disk procedure. Exit from the software after the procedure is complete.

How to Use Symantec Antivirus Rescue Disk?

  • Launch the Symantec software on your system and select the Security option.
  • Choose About and note down the serial number available there.
  • Access the Symantec File Web Connect page and key in the serial number you have.
  • Click the Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool ISO Image Download button.
  • When it is installing, position a CD/DVD in the CD drive of the computer.
  • Launch Windows Explorer on your system and find the Antivirus Rescue Disc ISO file you have downloaded.
  • Double-click on it and select the Burn option. When the Windows Disk Image Burner window opens, choose the burner you wish to burn to.
  • Tick the box near the Verify Disc After Burning option and click Burn.