Antivirus Yahoo Mail

How to Use Antivirus Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail does not have any dedicated antivirus software, but it partners up with Norton to scan your emails to avoid phishing emails. This option is only applicable to web-based Antivirus Yahoo Mails. If you are using an email client instead of the web-based email service, the email program becomes vulnerable to threats and infects your PC with malware, spyware, and ransomware. To protect your device from this problem, many email client users attempt to install antivirus software for email protection. Sometimes, the mail protection activated on your antivirus software might block the incoming and outgoing emails. To avoid this problem, you can disable the mail protection feature temporarily. To check whether you have phishing emails on your Yahoo mailbox, follow the steps mentioned below.

Antivirus Yahoo Mail
  • On your PC, open the default browser and go to the Yahoo Mail Sign-in page.
  • Log in to your Yahoo Mail account with the help of your Yahoo user ID and password.
  • After entering the login credentials in the required fields, click the Login button.
  • Open the email that you suspect as a phishing email from the inbox.
  • Find the attachments that are attached in the header section.
  • Open the attachment to check if it has a virus.
  • If your Antivirus Yahoo Mail opens the attachment, it is safe and secure to view.
  • If applicable, open the attachment by clicking the Scan and Download Attachment link.
  • If your attachment contains viruses, your Yahoo Mail will not open the attachment.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check if you are attaching a malicious file to your Yahoo Mail:

  • On your Yahoo Mail, click the New Email button to compose a new email.
  • Click the Attachment icon that looks similar to the paper clip.
  • Choose the document from your PC to send as an attachment and click the Open button.
  • If your Antivirus Yahoo Mail allows you to attach the selected document, it is free from viruses.
  • If it refuses to open the selected document as an attachment, it contains viruses.