Avast Cleanup Install Error Code 963

How to Solved Avast Cleanup Install Error Code 963?

The Avast Cleanup application improves your device’s performance by deleting the cache and junk files. The app runs a device analysis and frees up space by removing the left-over files and unwanted applications. The app helps to increase the speed and battery life of your device. Avast removes ads for a better cleanup experience, and the hibernation mode prevents battery drainage and removes pop-ups from bloatware programs.

The installation error code 963 is a Google Play Store error that may occur when you install the Avast Cleanup application.Proceed with the steps given below to fix the Avast Cleanup Install Error Code 963 from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Step 1: Settings to Fix the Error Code 963

  • Open the Settings application and select the Apps section.
  • Select the Google Play Store option and navigate to Storage.
  • Tap on the Clear data button to fix the issue.
  • Go back to the apps section in settings and select the Avast Cleanup application. 
  • Select the Move to Storage device option if you have installed the app on the SD card.
  • Select Storage and tap Clear data on the Cleanup app.
Avast Cleanup Install Error Code 963

Step 2: Reinstalling the App

  • If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the app again.
  • Swipe down and select the Settings icon from your smartphone. 
  • Select the Applications option from the list.
  • Go to Manage Application and tap “All.”
  • Select Google Play Store and select Uninstall updates. Then, touch Uninstall.
  • In the Apps section, select Google Play Services and touch Uninstall under the Uninstall updates section.
  • If you are using an HTC phone, open Settings and navigate to Apps. Select HTC LOCK Screen. Select the Uninstall Updates option and tap Uninstall.
  • For Amazon devices, go to Settings and select Apps & Games. Navigate to the Manage All Applications section. Then, select the Avast Cleanup app and tap Uninstall.
  • Restart your smartphone and open the Google Play Store application to check whether the error appears again.

Step 3: Clearing Cache 

  • Go to Settings and select Apps.
  • Tap the Google Play Store section and select “Clear Data & Cache.”
  • Tap Delete when prompted for confirmation to remove the cache.

Step 4: Force Stop, “Google Play Store.”

  • Open Settings and select the Application Manager section.
  • Select the Google Play Store option from the displayed list.
  • Tap on the Force Stop button and restart your smartphone.

Step 5: Unmount the SD card

  • Launch the Settings application and select Storage.
  • Select the Unmount SD Card option to resolve the issue.
  • If the Avast Cleanup Install Error Code 963 issue persists, update the Google Play Store application.