Avast Firewall

What is Avast Internet Security Firewall?

The Avast Firewall software is used to control your system from online traffic. The Avast Premier & Internet security have the firewall feature. To know how to enable the firewall feature on the Avast Internet Security software, follow the guided instructions given below.   

How to Turn On Firewall In Avast Internet Security?   

  • Launch the Avast Internet Security application on your computer.
  • Click the Protection tab followed by the Firewall option.
  • Now, click the Toggle button beside the Avast Antivirus Firewall option.
  • To confirm the changes, click the Save button.
  • Now the Avast Firewall option is enabled successfully on the Avast Internet Security application. 
Avast Firewall

Why I am Unable to Start Firewall on Avast?


  • Navigate to the task tray, find the Avast Firewall icon, and right-click it.
  • Select Avast shields Control Disable for 10 minutes.
  • To enable again, select the Enable all Shields option.


  • Click the Start Menu option followed by selecting the Command Prompt option.
  • Enter ‘winmgmt/verifyrepository strike’ in the Command Prompt window.
  • When you see the ‘WMI repository is regular - no problem’ message, enter ‘winmgmt/resetrepository’ without the quotes.
  • If the Command Prompt window displays the ‘WMI repository is inconsistent’ message, type ‘winmgmt/salvagerepository’ without quotes.
  • Reset your computer.


  • Launch the main screen of the Avast Antivirus software.
  • Select the Settings option on the left side of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Avast Antivirus Firewall Settings tab and then select Exclusions Add .
  • Add the ‘C:\Windows\Explorer.exe’ and ‘C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanle|SystemSettings.exe’ locations to the Exclusion list.
  • Now, restart your system.


  • Download the ReimagePlus software from the manufacturer site.
  • Select the Start Scan option to scan the computer.
  • Select Repair All to fix the problem.


  • Select Turn off Windows Firewall to disable the Avast Firewall software temporarily.


  • Navigate to the System Configuration window and select the Services tab.
  • Make sure to checkmark the box beside the Hide all Microsoft services option.
  • Click the Disable All button.


  • Enter ‘Control Panel’ without quotes in the search field.
  • Select the Control Panel option and navigate to Programs and Features.
  • Select Uninstall a Program Avast Free Antivirus Repair.

How to Uninstall Avast Firewall?

  • Navigate to the default web browser on your computer.
  • Type ‘avast uninstall utility’ without the quotes in the address field.
  • Click the Avast link, select the ‘avastclear.exe’ link, and select the Save File option to download the Avast Uninstall Utility software.
  • Enter ‘System Configuration’ in the search bar on the Windows desktop screen.
  • Select the System Configuration from the displayed Clean my PC search result.
  • Select the Boot tab and checkmark the box next to the Safe Mode option.
  • Select Apply OK Restart.
  • Right-click the Avast Uninstall Utility icon and then select the Run as Administrator option.
  • Make sure to select the firewall version in the appropriate field. Select the Uninstall button.
  • Go back to the System Configuration window and remove the checkmark beside the Safe Mode option.
  • Click Apply OK Restart to remove the Avast firewall on your computer.
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