Quick AVG Antivirus Installation Guide

AVG is available as an antivirus software and application developed by AVG technologies. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. It is available as a free and premium version. The premium version has more advantages compared to trial one. Follow the AVG Antivirus Installation Guide to do any one of them. It protects your system from all kind of viruses, trojan horses, worms and more. Scan your system frequently for the best protection.

AVG Antivirus Installation Guide

How to Install Avg Antivirus?

To install AVG antivirus, you can either download it from the manufacturer’s website or purchase the CD for the premium version. Refer to the guidelines provided below for an easy installation.

How to Install Avg Antivirus on Windows?

  • Initially, switch on your system. If the system contains an Internet Explorer, type the URL of the software and then navigate to the respective AVG Antivirus Installation Guide website.
  • Choose either the Free or Premium version to download the antivirus for the system. Click the Free version to download the software.
  • After downloading, click the Save option to run the software on the Windows system. Double-click the setup file to begin the installation.
  • A screen shows up the Downloading installation components. It displays the Time Left on the screen.
  • After the installation completes, the home screen of the software displays, select Continue to proceed to the next step.
  • Enable specific options on the home screen and click Continue to move to the next screen. Browse a location to store the destination folder.
  • You can change the destination folder by clicking the Change Location option. After making changes to the installation process, select Install Now.
  • Follow the AVG Antivirus Installation Guide to complete the process, click the Skip for Now option and a Safeguard your browsers message displays.
  • After the process completes, the system automatically scans for the files on the system.

How to Install Avg Antivirus on Mac?

  • On your Mac system, launch the Safari browser. Download the Free or Premium version of AVG from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The Mac tab is available on the top of the website. Click the tab to choose the appropriate software for your system.
  • The downloaded file installs automatically on the Mac system. The shortcut icon displays on the screen.
  • Double-click the icon to launch the software on the system. A list of steps displays on the screen, follow them to begin the installation.
  • The first step is to agree to the License and Agreement mentioned on the screen. Choose the Custom installation option and select the Destination folder to store the files.
  • After completing all the steps, click Continue. You need to provide the password to install the software on the Mac system.
  • Do the necessary AVG Antivirus Installation Guide steps and select Install Software to complete the installation process. Use the File Scanner option to scan a particular file on the system and do AVG Antivirus Troubleshooting if there is any.
  • Scan the system periodically to remove the viruses.
avg antivirus not updating

Steps To Activate Avg

  • If the premium version of the AVG software has expired, you need to renew the software.
  • A license key will be provided along with the purchase of the new one.
  • Open the AVG software on the system. Click the My AVG option and check for Subscriptions option on the screen.
  • Click the New License number option. A AVG Antivirus Installation Guide window displays prompting you to type the license number.
  • Press the CTRL and C keys simultaneously to copy the license key. After some time, paste the license key in the corresponding tab.
  • Click the Enter License option to start updating the antivirus. After updating, click OK to activate the current account.
  • AVG stopped a harmless program, and now it won't start
  • Deactivate the AVG software on your system for a while. Download and install the application on your system again. After installing, turn it on. To turn off the software, you can find the AVG software on the bottom of the screen.

How to Enable
Complete Protection In Avg?

  • Launch the AVG Internet Security software on your computer.
  • Select menu and click the Gear icon to open the Settings tab.
  • Click Components and search for the Complete Protection menu.
  • When you locate it, move the green slider to the left to turn it on.
  • Once you have turned it on, select the Save button to save the customized settings.
  • If you are confused about the process, feel free to contact our technical experts.

Steps To Enable
Avg Firewall Settings

  • You can create a Family from any Android or Mac device.
  • Go to the Play Store and look for the Family Parental Control app.
  • Select the Install button and wait for the app to get installed on your device using AVG Antivirus Installation Guide.
  • Once the app is installed, open it.
  • Now, carefully read the License Agreement and click Continue.
  • Sign into the account using your username and password.
  • Click Parent Device and update the settings according to your requirements.
  • Enable the Child Mode if you share the device with your children.

How to Enable Avg Safe Web Search On Browser?

AVG Safe web search is installed on your computer when you download the AVG anti-virus software. If you wish to enable it for a particular browser, do the following AVG Antivirus Installation Guide steps.

  • Power on your computer or laptop and launch AVG Secure software.
  • Click the More Options icon in the top-right corner of the home screen.
  • Select Settings and navigate to the Default Browser section.
  • Check if the AVG Secure Browser is your Default Browser.
  • If it is not visible, click the Make Default button.
  • Choose the preferred browser for which you wish to enable AVG Safe Web Search.

How to enable Schedule scan in AVG?

  • Open the AVG software on your computer and search for the Settings icon.
  • Click the Settings icon, and you will see a new tab for setting up the scan options.
  • Select the Schedule Scan button at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Edit the Scan Parameters and also specify the scan areas.
  • Use the left panel to configure more scan settings.
  • Now, select the Scheduling section and click the Schedule This Scan checkbox.
  • Set the Schedule Type as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly as per your AVG Antivirus Installation Guide requirement.
  • Assign a particular time to start the scan in 24-hour format.
  • Choose the day that you wish to scan your computer.
  • Click the OK button to complete the AVG Antivirus Troubleshooting scheduling process.

Steps to Enable AVG email Signature protection

  • Turn on your PC and open the AVG anti-virus software on it.
  • To open the AVG management console, double-click the AVG icon.
  • Select the Internet Security tile and click Menu.
  • Click the Gear icon and select Components.
  • Under the Email Protection tab, click Customize.
  • Go to the left panel and select Behavior.
  • Under the General tab, enable the AVG email signature protection.
  • After you select it, click OK to update the settings.

How do you Manage Avg Antivirus Popups?

  • Launch the AVG Internet Security on your computer.
  • You can also change this setting by using the AVG Antivirus Free Interface.
  • Go to the Settings tab and select the General option from the left pane.
  • Under that, choose the Pop-Ups option.
  • Four types of pop-ups will be displayed along with the display duration in seconds.
  • Set the duration in seconds for the Info pop-up, Update Pop-up, Warning pop-up, and the Alert pop-up.
  • Tap the OK button and you have finished managing the pop-ups.

Steps To Exclude Certain File Or Folder's From Scan

  • Open the AVG software on your computer by double clicking the icon available on the desktop.
  • Under Menu, you have to click the Settings option.
  • Choose Components and then tap the Customize option next to File Shield.
  • Next, you should select the Exceptions tab.
  • In the AVG Antivirus Installation Guide text box provided on that screen, key in the folder location manually or click the Browse button to mention the path of the file.
  • Tap the OK button and then click the Add button.

How do I Configure Privacy Settings In Avg?

  • From the desktop, select AVG Antivirus Free Interface to open it.
  • Navigate to the Menu tab and select Settings under it.
  • Go to General option and click the Privacy panel.
  • Tick the checkbox near the Participate in the AVG Community option.
  • This will help you identify threats and malware attacks at an early stage.

How to Backup And Restore Settings In Avg?

  • To begin, open the AVG Security Interface on your system.
  • From the Menu tab, click the Settings option, and then go to General settings.

To Backup

  • Tap the Back up Settings option.
  • Choose the component settings that you want to save and click the Continue button.
  • Assign a location in which the backup files must be stored and then tap the Save button.

To Restore

  • Search for the backup file and locate it.
  • Select the Component settings that you wish to restore. Click the Continue option.

How to Enable Passive Mode In AVG?

  • To enable Passive Mode, open the AVG Security software on your device.
  • Click the Menu option and choose Settings under that.
  • From the General tab, select the AVG Antivirus Troubleshooting option.
  • Tick the checkbox next to the Enable Passive Mode option.
  • Go back to the AVG Antivirus Installation Guide home screen of the Antivirus security software and click the Restart Now button.
  • After restarting, the passive mode will be enabled successfully.

How to Renew Avg Subscription?

  • To renew your AVG subscription, go with the instructions that are listed below.
  • Navigate to the AVG Renewal Center web page.
  • Type the AVG License Number in the License Number box and then click on the Submit button.
  • Select any one of the subscription options. The renewal plan can be for one or two years.
  • If you use AVG Anti Virus, you can renew your product directly, else update to AVG Internet Security in just a single step.
  • Choose any of the payment types. In some of the regions, the payment can be made using a bank account.
  • The AVG Antivirus Installation Guide about your email might get filled automatically.
  • Click the Change Email option if you wish to review or modify your shipping address.

How to Remove Avg Completely?

  • Anti-Virus is an important tool that is needed to protect your personal computer from malware.
  • If you wish to install a new anti-virus software, make sure that you uninstall the AVG tool.
  • Now, navigate to your computer and select the Start icon on it.
  • Choose the Control Panel option and click Uninstall a Program under the Programs tab on the Control Panel dialog box.
  • Select the AVG program from the list and then click Uninstall which is available on the toolbar.
  • Select the Uninstall option in the Repair and Uninstall pop-up window that displays on the screen.
  • Remove the AVG software by clicking on the Next button.
  • Once the uninstallation process is complete, restart your system.
  • To start the restart process immediately, select Restart Now. Else, choose the Restart Later option to restart your PC after you save your work.

How to Use AVG Antivirus Troubleshooting Steps?

Are you experiencing issues with the AVG software? Then, you are in the right place. Follow the instructions that are provided on this web page. Before you begin with the troubleshooting steps, make sure to exit all the other AVG Antivirus Installation Guide programs on your computer.

Avg Antivirus Stops Working

  • If your personal computer is affected with a virus or malware, it might prevent the AVG software from working correctly.
  • Try restarting your system and then swipe the display from the top right corner of the window to begin booting in Safe mode.
  • Choose Settings and click the PC Settings option, and then select the Update & Recovery button.
  • Click on the Recovery button and select Restart Now under the Advanced Startup tab.
  • When your system restarts, select the Safe Mode With Networking option, and then locate and press the Enter button on the keyboard.
  • Once the loading process is complete, launch the AG software and then choose the appropriate virus scan preferences.
  • Run a virus scan process by clicking the Start Scan option.
  • Any virus that is present on your desktop will be sent to the AVG software for deletion.

Avg Antivirus Not Updating

  • Try updating the AVG software manually. Navigate to the official website on your browser and then select the correct version.
  • Click the Update button to save the file on the USB or HDD drive.
  • Open the AVG Utility window on your personal computer. Choose Options that is present on the top right of the AVG dialog box.
  • Select Update from Directory to open the Browse for Folder screen.
  • Choose the appropriate folder that contains the AVG update file and then tap the OK button.
  • If the problem continues, remove the updated temp files. Choose AVG Antivirus Installation Guide and select the Advanced Settings option in the menu.
  • Expand the Update section by clicking on the + button. Tap the Manage button and choose the Delete temporary update files option.
  • Click Yes to delete all the temporary folders. Now, try updating the AVG software.

Avg Stops Working After Update

If your AVG antivirus software stops working once you update it, then you need to uninstall the software and reinstall it reactivate your subscription.


  • Once the update is complete, you may face any one of the following issues.
  • An error message stating Your license is invalid appears.
  • The software is installed, but the product is in trial mode.


Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

Step 1: Identify The Avg Program Version

  • Launch the application and open the menu.
  • Click the About button at the right end of the screen.
  • The page displays information about your AVG Internet Security application.
  • Note the AVG software version.

Step2: Uninstall The Application

  • Uninstall the software using the AVG Clear tool or the Remover tool based on your AVG version.

Step 3: Reinstall The Latest Version Of Avg Internet Security

  • Reinstall the application from the manufacturer’s site using AVG Antivirus Installation Guide. Remember that the trial version is only downloaded. Hence make sure you reactivate the account.

Avg Scanning Not Completed

  • When your AVG application stops scanning inbetween the process, then try to repair the software using the following steps.
  • Locate the Start button on your desktop and select it.
  • Choose the option named Control Panel from the menu. If you cannot find that option in the Start menu, then select the Settings option and find Control Panel in it.
  • Select Program Add or Remove Programs option.
  • Go through the list to select the AVG Protection option.
  • Locate the Change button and select it.
  • Select the Repair button and go with the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Restart the system once the process is done.
  • Run the application and check if the issue persists.
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How to Fix Avg Antivirus Error 0xe001c046?

The error 0XE001C046 occurs due to incomplete installation of the software, corruption in Windows OS due to the recent update, virus or malware. You can fix the issue by trying the AVG Antivirus Installation Guide solutions that are mentioned below.

  • Perform a full malware scan on your PC.
  • Check if any junk mail on your system hinders the process. Clean them using a disk cleanup software.
  • Verify if your PC is outdated. If so, update it.
  • Try uninstalling the AVG antivirus program and reinstall them.
  • Check if any updates are available for the AVG application and install them if necessary.
  • Try performing a driver installation for your Windows PC.

Restore Factory Default

  • You can reset the AVG to its default settings using the steps below.
  • Locate the AVG antivirus application icon on your desktop and double click on it to launch the user interface.
  • Locate the Tool option in the main window and select it.
  • Select the Advanced Settings option and wait until the page loads.
  • Locate the Default button below Advanced settings and select it.
  • Your AVG application will now reset to its default settings.


My Internet Security Won't Update

If your AVG fails to update, then try any one of the following solutions. Update your antivirus manually by entering the Application utility interface. Move to the top screen and select the Options link. Choose the Update from directory option, and the related folders appear in the window. Look for the folder that has the AVG update and select it. Start updating the antivirus application by pressing the OK button.

The next AVG Antivirus Installation Guide you can try to fix the issue is by deleting the temporary update files. You can do this by launching the Advanced setting window from the Options link. Locate the + button to expand Update and select it. Select the Manage button. Next, click the Delete temporary update files option and confirm by pressing the Yes button and remove the temporary update files.

At times, Malware blocks AVG updates. Hence check for them with the help of Malwarebytes. Make sure you download them from an authorized site and start scanning to detect the malware.

Avg Tray Icon Showing Red Cross, But i'm Protected?

Check if you have any system updates. Make sure you do not leave them pending. Update them as soon as possible. These two solutions will help you to an extent. If the problem continues, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the application. Contact the support team if none of the AVG Antivirus Troubleshooting solutions help you in sorting out the issue.

Avg Stopped a Harmless Program, And Now It Won't Start

Deactivate the AVG software on your system for a while. Download and install the application on your system. After installing, turn it on. To turn off the software, you can find the AVG software on the bottom of the screen.


How to Cancel Annual Auto-Renew On My Credit Card?

Cancel the Annual Auto-renew option for My AVG by chatting with AVG Customer Support. This will disable the Auto-renew option and you can do it manually whenever necessary.

Avg Ultimate - Internet Security Error

Perform a clean installation for the AVG software on the system. Use the AVG Clear tool to begin the uninstallation process. After the process completes, install the software again.

How Do i Gain Access To a Site That Avg Has Blocked?

An AVG icon is located at the bottom right corner of the taskbar. Choose the Anti-virus option. Include the path of the respective sites or files in the Manage Exceptions list. After selecting the folder, click OK. Make the necessary changes and click Apply. Or follow the AVG Antivirus Installation Guide again. Close the Advanced Settings window to gain access to a particular set of websites.