Avg Antivirus Warning Issues Detected

How to Resolved Avg Antivirus Warning Issues Detected?

Sometimes, you might encounter the message, Avg Antivirus Warning Issues Detected on your mobile.

Mostly, the problem arises when the virus definitions on AVG are out of date for your Android device. For resolving the issue, keep the auto-update of apps enabled in the Google Play Store app.

When you find this message on your mobile, follow the instructions given below:

Try Resetting the AVG App Using These Steps

  • On your mobile, navigate to Device Menu.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Apps/Application Management option.
  • Choose AVG Antivirus.
  • Now, tap on Clear cache and Clear data.
  • Then, force stop the AVG app once.

In case you want to disable the AVG Notifications, consider these steps:

  • Open AVG. Navigate to Options on the main screen.
  • Go to Advanced settings.
  • Select the Appearance option.
  • Uncheck AVG Advisor notification. If this step does not work, uncheck AVG Notification.
Avg Antivirus Warning Issues Detected