Why AVG Scan won't Start?

Why AVG Antivirus Scan Won’t Start?

If AVG Scan won't Start, you can follow these steps to fix it.

  • Go to the Start menu and open the Control Panel. In some OS versions, you need to open Settings to access the Control Panel. 
  • Click the Programs option and then select Programs & Features. Select Add or Remove Programs.
  • Browse through the Add/Remove Program list to find AVG. Select it and then click Change/Remove.
  • Choose the Repair option and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.
  • Restart the computer and check whether AVG Scan won't Start is rectified.
AVG Scan won't Start

Why AVG Scan Frozen?

If an AVG scan remains frozen, you can follow these steps to fix the issue.

  • Navigate to the manufacturer’s official site and download AVG Remover on your computer.
  • Run AVG remover by right-clicking the file and choosing Run as Administrator.’ An AVG Remover pop-up window appears. Click Yes. 
  • The options such as Read Now below License Agreement and Privacy Policy are displayed. There is also a Continue option below AVG Remover. Click it.
  • AVG Remover scans the computer for AVG products and displays the product with a checkbox beside it. Click the checkbox. Click Remove Run anyway Restart.
  • Restart the computer and reinstall the AVG product. Check whether the scanning issue is resolved.

Why AVG Scan Interrupted?

If an AVG Scan won't Start, you need to try an offline update.

  • Navigate to the website ‘www.avg.com/update’ or ‘free.avg.com/us-en/download-update.’
  • Choose the AVG update files that are required for your AVG product and download them on your computer. You can also transfer them to a USB drive.
  • Attach the USB drive to the computer on which you are facing the AVG scan issue. Launch the AVG application on your computer and open Options.
  • Choose 'Update from directory' and select the location on the USB drive where the update files are located and click OK.

Why AVG Free not Scanning?

If AVG Free does not scan, follow these steps to fix the issue.

  • Remove AVG using the AVG Clear tool and reinstall AVG on your computer.
  • Run the AVG Clear tool by right-clicking it and choosing Run as Administrator.
  • Click the Yes option in the User Account Control window. When the safe mode dialog box opens, click No. 
  • Choose the AVG Antivirus application that heeds to be uninstalled and then click Uninstall.
  • Restart the computer and delete the ‘AVG Remover’ folder from the root system directory.
  • Install AVG Free and check whether the Clean my PC issue is resolved.

Why AVG Scan Stuck on Performance Issues?  

If AVG Scan won't Start, you need to repair the AVG product to resolve the issue. 

  • Go to Start Control Panel Programs Add/Remove Programs.
  • Select AVG Protection Click Change/Remove.
  • Choose Repair and follow the on-screen AVG Scan Frozen prompts to complete the repair procedure.
  • Restart the computer, run the scan, and check whether the scan issue persists.
  • If it persists, uninstall AVG protection and reinstall it on your computer.

Why AVG Scheduled Scan not Working?

  • Download AVG Clear tool from the manufacturer’s official site.
  • Right-click AVG Clear and choose the Run as Administrator option from the menu.
  • Click ‘Yes’ when the User Account Control window appears. 
  • When the Windows safe mode window appears, click No.
  • The manufacturer recommends that you do not use the AVG Clear application in Windows safe mode.
  • Choose the AVG application, which has the scheduled AVG Scan won't Start issue and click Uninstall.
  • Restart the computer and reinstall the AVG product. Check whether the scheduled scan issue is resolved. 

Why AVG Whole Computer Scan not Working?    

If AVG whole computer scan does not work on your PC, follow these steps to fix it.

  • Download AVG Repair on your computer and run it as an administrator.
  • Choose No when the program prompts you to enter safe mode. 
  • Choose the Uninstall option and restart the computer. Reinstall the AVG application and check whether the scan issue is resolved.

Why AVG Crashes During Scan?

If AVG Scan Frozen in a scan, you need to uninstall it by following these AVG Scan won't Start methods.This is the preferred AVG product uninstallation method on a Mac computer.

  • Go to the Mac computer’s menu bar and click the AVG Antivirus icon.
  • Choose the ‘Open AVG Antivirus’ option from the drop-down list.
  • Return to the menu bar and select AVG Antivirus. Choose the Uninstall AVG Antivirus option and then click Uninstall.
  • Your Mac computer might prompt you to enter the Mac admin account credentials. Enter them and click OK.
  • When the 'Uninstallation complete' message appears, click Quit. There is an alternative AVG uninstallation method which is outlined below.
  • Go to the Mac computer’s menu bar and click Go. Choose Utilities from the drop-down list and then double-click Terminal.
  • When the Terminal window opens, type ‘open/Applications/AVGAntivirus.app/Contents/Backend/utils/com.avg.uninstall.app’ without quotes and press Enter.
  • Click the Uninstall option. Enter the Mac admin acc AVG Scan won't Start credentials when prompted and click OK. Click Quit to complete the AVG uninstallation.