Avira Mobile Security

How to Download Mobile Antivirus for Avira?

The Avira mobile security application is very much useful in blocking phishing websites. The compatible devices are Android mobile phones, iPhone, and tablets. It helps to get rid of malware and virus from your smartphones. It is also used to locate your lost phone. Another advantage of using the Avira security application is to protect your data or information to avoid theft. The features included in the Avira Antivirus application is antivirus cleaning, mobile phone security, privacy, and anti-theft.

Activation Code for Avira Antivirus for Mobile

  • Download the Avira Antivirus Security application from Google Play Store.
  • After installing the application on your Android mobile phone, register to your Avira account with your email address.
  • Once you finish the registration process, tap the ‘Perform your first scan’ button to scan your mobile phone.

Proceed with the following steps to activate the Avira Antivirus using the activation code.

  • Enter the valid email address and password to log into the Avira account.
  • Select the Subscriptions option on the left panel and tap Activate new license.
  • Enter the activation code in the required field and then tap the Activate License option.

How to Download Avira Mobile Security for iOS?

  • Open a new web page tab and go to the manufacturer website.    
  • The welcome page of the Avira mobile security page appears.
  • Click the Download Now button under the Download Avira free Antivirus for iOS.
  • Save the .exe file on the desktop and make sure that it is saved on the Save as window.
  • It will take some time to download.
  • Then, after the download, right-click the downloaded .exe file.
  • Select Run from the available options.
  • Read the License Agreement and click Next.
  • Install the Avira mobile security on iOS. 

How to Download Avira Antivirus for Android?

  • Launch the manufacturer website and then click the Download Now button beside the Download Avira Mobile Security software.
  • Make sure that the .exe file is saved to a secure location.
  • After the download, double-click the downloaded file.
  • Now the Security Warning window will appear, click the Run option.
  • Proceed to tap Next on the Avira Antivirus welcome window.
  • Next, choose Express installation types, and make sure to check the I accept the End User License Agreement and then click Next.
  • You may or may not keep the Web protection option unchecked.
  • Enable the Search free toolbar option by clicking the Enable option on the top.
  • The Web protection, Browser Security, Blocked options are added now on the browser.
  • Exit the browser and launch Avira Control center.
  • Ensureb that Real-time Avira Mobile Security scan, scan system upgrade, Internet Protection are enabled.
Avira Mobile Security