Bitdefender Exceptions 2020

What is Bitdefender Antivirus Exceptions?

The Bitdefender Exceptions 2020 allows file and folder exception, scan exception, network exception, and more. Make use of the procedure that is stated below to add exceptions successfully. 

How to Add Exclusions Exceptions in Bitdefender 2020? 

Follow these guidelines to learn how you can set up and use File Shredder in AVG.

  • Launch the Bitdefender interface on your system and navigate to the Protection screen. 
  • Access the Bitdefender Settings available in the Antivirus module. 
  • Go to the Bitdefender Exceptions 2020 tab and choose the List of Files and Folders Excepted from Scanning option and tap the Add button. 
  • Click the Browse button available on that Bitdefender Antivirus screen and select the file or folder to be excluded. 
  • Check if it is being excluded from On-Demand and On-Access Scanning. Tap Add to save the exceptions.

Bitdefender Exceptions 2020

Bitdefender 2020 Firewall Network Exceptions 

  • To add a network Bitdefender Exceptions 2020, you have to open the main console of the Bitdefender software. 
  • Select the Protection option available in the left panel of the main window. 
  • Go to the Firewall section and choose the Settings option. 
  • Navigate to the Network Adapters tab and select the Home/Office option from the Ethernet drop-down list. 
  • Now, go to the Settings tab and click on the Edit Stealth Settings option. 
  • Use the slider bar available near the Ethernet field to disable it. Make sure it is gray in color after you turn it off. 
  • From the Rules tab, select the Add Rule option and enable the Apply this Rule to All Applications option. 
  • Access the Advanced tab and click the slider near the Custom Remote Address option. 
  • Click the OK button to add the network exception successfully. 

Bitdefender 2020 Program Exception 

To add a program or application to the Bitdefender Exceptions 2020 list, go with the steps below. 

  • First, open the main interface of the Bitdefender software. 
  • The next step is to navigate to the Protection window by choosing the Protection option from the left pane. 
  • In the Advanced Threat Defense section, select the Clean my PC Settings option. 
  • When the Exceptions window opens, choose the Add Applications to Exceptions option. 
  • Search for the application or program that you wish to add and select it. 
  • Click the OK button, and the program exception will be added. 

Bitdefender 2020 Scanning Exceptions   

To allow exceptions in scanning, make use of the procedure mentioned here. If AVG shredder does not work, try launching the AVG application as an administrator and then attempt to perform a file shredding.

  • From the Bitdefender Settings window, select the List of Extensions Excepted from Scanning menu and choose the Add option. 
  • Specify the file or the file extensions that you do not want to scan. 
  • If you want to exclude multiple scan exclusions, then key in the extensions separating them using a semi-colon. 
  • The next Bitdefender Exceptions 2020 step is to exclude it from both On-Demand and On-Access scanning. 
Bitdefender Exceptions