Bitdefender Network Security

Bitdefender Network Security 2020

Bitdefender Network Security helps you access the Internet without any malicious content entering your system. Make use of the instructions given below to troubleshoot your Bitdefender software. 

Bitdefender 2020 Blocking Network Printer

Perform the following guidelines to enable stealth mode on Mac,

  • Enable network printing on your interface to resolve this error. 
  • First, sign in to the GravityZone web console and go to the Policies page. 
  • Select the Firewall option followed by the Settings option. Navigate to Adapters tab and then tap the Yes option under the Network Discovery section. 
  • Click the Save button. Choose the Rules option available under Firewall. 
  • Tap the Add button and set the rule type as Application. 
  • Specify the correct details in the following fields: Rule Name, Application Path, Local Address, and Remote Address.
  • Now, you have to click the Save button and change the Network Printing option to Allow. 
  • Tap the Save button to save the firewall settings. 
  • Check if you are able to connect the network printer and start printing. 
Bitdefender Network Security

Bitdefender 2020 Blocking Network Share

  • Check if your computer is connected properly to the Internet in the first step. 
  • Reconnect it to the Internet if required.
  • Restart the computer if you are not able to access the network share folder. 
  • Exit from all the programs that are running on your system. 
  • From the Windows menu, select the Power icon and choose the Restart option. 
  • After the system turns on, check if you are able to access it. 
  • Add a network exception if you are unable to resolve the network share issue. 
  • You can also call our technical experts if you are unable to resolve this Bitdefender Network Security problem. 

How To Add Network Exception In Bitdefender 2020

Follow the procedure given here to add a network exception. 

  • Launch the Bitdefender interface on your system and then select the Protection option from the left panel of the screen. 
  • In the Firewall section, choose the Settings option. Go to the Network Adapters tab and find your network adapter. 
  • Change it to Home/Office from the drop-down list available next to it. 
  • Access the Settings tab and then select the Edit Stealth Settings option. 
  • Search for your network adapter and disable the Stealth Mode for it using the slide bar. 
  • Tap OK and then go to the Rules tab to select the Add Rule option. 
  • Use the slide bar available near the Apply this Rule to all Applications option to enable it. 
  • Now, navigate to the Advanced tab and enable the Custom Remote Address option. 
  • Click the OK button to save the Bitdefender Network Security exception settings. 

Bitdefender Block Port Scans In The Network

To block Port Scans in the network, carry out the below-mentioned steps

  • Launch the Bitdefender console and select the Firewall option from the left panel of the window. 
  • Choose the General Settings available under the Firewall menu. 
  • Tick the checkbox available near the Block Port Scans option to enable it. 
Bitdefender Network Security 2020

Bitdefender Network Discovery Not Working

To block Port Scans in the network, carry out the below-mentioned steps

  • Check if your computer is online by navigating to the Control Center. 
  • Make sure there is no communication issue between the computer and the network. 
  • Next, run the net view command on your system. 
  • Open the command terminal and key in ‘net view.’ Tap the Enter key and check if there are any computers displayed. 
  • If yes, then check if the browser service is initiated on the computer. 
  • Launch the Services window by typing services.msc in the Run dialog box. 
  • Find the browser service and check if it is running or stopped. Select it and then choose the Restart Service option. 
  • Verify if the computers available in the network have a policy assigned for it by navigating to View Policies window under the Policies menu. 
  • Get in touch with our technical experts if the above-stated solutions fail on Bitdefender Network Security.