Bitdefender Quarantined Items

Bitdefender Quarantined Items

When the Bitdefender software identifies a file as infected, it will isolate the file from the rest of the files. The infected file will be stored under Quarantine items so that it will infect the other files. 

Bitdefender 2020 Quarantine

The BitDefender Registry cleanup checks for the disabled or the outdated sources in the Windows registry. To begin with this registry cleaner, proceed with the following steps.

  • There are few settings or options available under Quarantine option: rescan, send, and delete. 
  • After you update the virus definition, you can rescan the quarantined files to check if they are still infected. 
  • You can also send the file isolated to Bitdefender for further analysis. 
  • With Bitdefender Quarantine, the files will be deleted in 30 days. You can change this interval or delete the file if required. 
  • Follow the procedure that is mentioned below to access quarantine and restore files.  

Bitdefender Quarantine File Location

  • To access the quarantine folder, open the Bitdefender interface. 
  • Tap the Settings icon and select the Antivirus option. Go to the Quarantine tab. 
  • The files that were isolated are present in the Quarantine page. Manage it according to your choice. 

How To Restore Quarantined Files Bitdefender

  • The instructions that are specified below will help you restore the quarantined files. 
  • Navigate to the Quarantine tab available under Settings to view the quarantined files. 
  • Now, select the file that you wish to restore from the Quarantine list and click the Restore button.