CCleaner Cookies

Simple Guide: CCleaner Cookies

CCleaner Cookies  are some text objects sent from a web server to a browser. It gets stored on the internet that keeps tracking your important information and saves site login information for you. There are several types of cookies on the web. With CCleaner, you can choose which cookies to keep and which ones to clear. CCleaner also cleans the flash cookies. Although the cookies are helpful in storing your login data, concerning privacy, it is safe to remove them. Except for the cookies that you omit by marking them under Cookies to Keep column, CCleaner, by default, will delete all the cookies from all the browsers installed on your computer whenever you run it.

CCleaner Intelligent Cookie Scan

The  CCleaner Intelligent Cookie Scan  feature enables you to add the websites whose cookies you want to have to the Cookies to keep list. It is helpful in avoiding the loss of necessary login settings for sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter, etc.,With this Intelligent Cookie Scan feature, you can save the activities performed on a particular site on a browser by registering it.

Enable Intelligent Cookie Scan CCleaner

  • First, open your computer and launch the CCleaner application.
  • Click on the  Options  icon available on the left panel of the CCleaner.
  • Select the Cookies button and wait until it loads the cookies from all browsers installed on your system.
  • Right-click on the Cookies to Delete column and then select the Intelligent Scan  option from the menu list. This feature helps you save the CCleaner cookies that have the login information stored.
  • The Intelligent Cookie Scan dialog box opens.
  • You can either choose to keep all the cookies with the login info of websites or simply click No to cancel the process.
  • The cookies in the Intelligent Scan list will be saved in the Cookies to Keep list.
CCleaner Cookies

CCleaner Android Cookies

CCleaner  is one of the best Windows programs for optimization, and has also made its way to  Google Android. You can clean Android cookies in many ways.

  • You need to have the CCleaner app installed on your Android mobile.
  • Simply run the CCleaner app on your Android device to scan all the system data. It will delete all the cookies on your android by default when you perform a deep scan. You can specify the essential cookies to be deleted on your device.

To manually delete the cookies:

  • First, open your Android mobile and navigate to your Stock browser (globe image).
  • Once the browser opens, select the  Menu   button that is available on the top-right corner with three vertical dots.
  • Tap the  Settings  option. Choose Privacy under the Advanced tab.
  • Select the  Delete Personal Data  option from the list that allows you to delete the CCleaner cookies, history, and saved passwords.

CCleaner Chrome Cookies

  • Cookies on Chrome can be cleared using the CCleaner application. Sometimes, CCleaner skips cleaning Chrome. Update the CCleaner application on your computer.
  • Avoid using the CCleaner before exiting Chrome completely.
  • If your Chrome is still not closed, open the  Task Manager  on your computer.
  • Navigate to the  Processes  tab and select chrome.exe to close the Chrome operation.
  • Sometimes, the Cloud Print, Sync, or a faulty plugin blocks the cookies to escape from the browser.
  • In other cases, the Chrome application or Chrome app launcher locks the needed files.

CCleaner Cookie Exceptions

To exempt cookies from being scanned and deleted by CCleaner, you can either enable the Intelligent scanning feature on your CCleaner or add the cookies to the Cookies to Keep list.

To enable the Intelligent Scanning feature:

  • Go to the Options tab and select Cookies.
  • In the Cookies to Delete column, right-click and select the Intelligent Scanning option.
  • The important cookies will be automatically saved in the Cookies to Keep list.

CCleaner Cookies Skipped

  • Sometimes, cookies may get skipped from the CCleaner scanning on your device.
  • To avoid this problem, make sure all the browsers are in the CCleaner scanning list.
  • Launch CCleaner and select Applications. Make sure that internet cache, internet history, and cookies are marked for cleaning in the checkbox. 
  • Once you enable all the features for cleaning, none of the CCleaner cookies will get skipped from cleaning on your device.