Ccleaner Duplicate Finder Not Working

Fix: Ccleaner Duplicate Finder Not Working

CCleaner’s File finder helps to identify the duplicate files on your system. It removes duplicate files such as videos, documents, images, and other files, which are using up large storage space on your device. You can personalize the manner of finding these files and removing them. The CCleaner Duplicate finder may not do the task properly when the file size is huge, the folder is in readable mode, or the file is compressed.

Ccleaner Duplicate File Finder Not Working

Sometimes, the duplicate files do not get deleted even after you delete them using the CCleaner Duplicate finder. Resolve the issue by following the given measures;

  • The files that are might be compressed, and it cannot be deleted since its compression attribute is enabled. So, to turn off the compress attribute and follow the steps;
  • Right-click on the file you want to delete.
  • Select ‘Properties’ from the menu.
  • Under the General tab and click on Advanced.
  • In the Advanced dialog box, deselect ‘Compress contents to save disk space’ to disable the compress attribute.
  • Then, click OK to save the changes done.
  • The duplicate files that have to be removed can be in ‘Read-only’ mode; therefore, it cannot be deleted or modified. The following process can be used to turn off the ‘Read-only’ mode for a file;
  • Select the duplicate files and right-click to open the menu list.
  • Choose the Properties option.
  • In the Attributes section, see that the Read-only option is unticked. If not, then click on the read-only option to disable it.
  • Finally, save the settings.’
  • The File finder options may be incorrect; in the ‘Exclude’ list, the File types which you do not want to delete can be selected. Check the files and file types under the Exclude menu.

Ccleaner Duplicate Finder Not Working When Searching a Folder

When the folder which you have to scan for duplicate files cannot be found, there are chances that the folder is not in the ‘Include’ list for scanning duplicate files or the folder must be hidden.

  • Do a right-click on the folder which you want to scan for duplicate files.
  • Click on the Properties and verify if the ‘Hidden’ attribute is enabled.
  • If ‘Hidden’ is checked, then click on it to uncheck and then save the changes.
  • In the CCleaner application, select the Duplicate finder.
  • To the ‘Include’ list, add the folder which you want to search.
  • Now, click on the option ‘Include files and subfolders’ to search the subdirectories present in the folder.
Ccleaner Duplicate Finder Not Working When Searching a Folder