Ccleaner Error Launching Installer

Ccleaner Error Launching Installer

When you try to install CCleaner without logging in as an administrator, the installer will display this error message:

"Error Opening File For Writing"

  • You will find the above message in the CCleaner Setup dialog box.
  • If you try to run Windows 7 although you are not an administrator, this error message will display on your screen:

"Do You Want To Allow The Following Program To Make Changes To This Computer?"

  • Try the troubleshooting steps provided here to resolve the issue:

First Troubleshooting Method (Pre-Windows 7):

  • The Cleaner Setup dialog box with the “error opening file for writing” message might be displayed.
  • If you try to run a previous version of CCleaner while you are running the installer,
    • In this case, wait for a few seconds.
    • Next, click the Retry button.
    • If the problem persists, try the second troubleshooting method.

    Second Troubleshooting Method:

    • Log in as an administrator.
    • Run your installation program.
    • Or else, for technical assistance, try contacting your system administrator.

Ccleaner Error Launching Installer - Third Troubleshooting Method:

  • Make use of CCleaner Portable, which is a widely known and safe drive cleaner.
  • CCleaner Portable includes unique features such as the startup manager and conservative registry cleaner.
  • You would have installed CCleaner Portable on a USB drive of another computer. So utilize it now.
  • If you are not using an administrator account, CCleaner Portable will have only limited performance. It might not clean specific files and folders.
Ccleaner Error Launching Installer