Ccleaner File

CCleaner File

  • CCleaner  is a device tool used to clean junk files and delete the cookies that are downloaded automatically from the website. 
  • CCleaner provides full customization based on the user's desire to organize and perform actions while cleaning the files. 
  • It will track the advertisement cookies that check the user's performance on websites and clean your browser history for confidential reasons.
  • The CCleaner program includes a registry cleaner to identify and rectify the problems in the Windows registry. 
  • You can clean up your 'recycle bin,' 'temporary files and folders,' and 'cut-off permissions' using the CCleaner tool. 
  • You can download CCleaner from the official site. 
  • CCleaner is available for free with limited feature accessibility, includes on such as  Faster Computer  and  Privacy Protection. 
  • The  Professional  pack gives one free trial and access to limited features with some payments.  
  • The  professional bundle  pack is also available with some cost value along with access to all features in it.
  • The CCleaner file will get downloaded in the extension file format (.exe).
  • Navigate to your device folder and identify the CCleaner file.
  • Now, Install  and  Run  the CCleaner on your Windows or Mac device.  
CCleaner File

Ccleaner Delete Files

CCleaner allows the user to clean the unnecessary files, settings, web browser registry entries, and installed applications on the computer system. For using the CCleaner application efficiently, the user must be logged in with the administrator account.The Windows OS will restrict the deletion some files when using a CCleaner on other guest accounts. Before using the CCleaner to delete the files on your PC, the user must know the features involved in CCleaner.The CCleaner functions well in default options. Therefore, there is no need to include many changes in the settings.

  • Open your CCleaner and select the CCleaner icon.
  • Choose the file that you wish to delete by marking the checkbox against the features that are selected.
  • Select the  Applications  tab to view the program list that originates with the installed software on your device.
  • Choose the applications you wish to clean or remove.
  • Click on the  Analyze  button and wait for some time until the scanning process completes.
  • The selected files or applications are analyzed from the data in Windows registry keys.
  • You can review the selected files in the text window.
  • Right-click on the screen and select the  Save to text file  option to save the list of files to be deleted.
  • Give a right-click on the selected files and click the  Clean  tab to remove the files permanently from the device.
  • Click the  Run Cleaner  feature and select the OK tab to proceed further.
  • The report of deleted files will get displayed on the text window.
  • Once again, right-click on the text window and select the  Save to text file  option to save the list. 

Ccleaner Junk File

  • CCleaner usually finds the junk files on the system once you run it.
  • You can analyze the junk files stored on your system before removing it by selecting the Analyze feature on the CCleaner. 
  • You can view the size of the junk files after completing the scanning process.
  • Removing the junk files makes your system faster and free from hanging.
  • Now, select the  Registry  tab from the left side of the CCleaner panel.
  • Click on the  Scan for Issues  button to scan the registry files.
  • The CCleaner asks for creating a backup to prevent the loss of essential files on the registry.
  • Make the backup before removing the junk files.
  • Select the  Fix All Selected Issues  button to clear the junk files on your registry.
  • Finally, select the  Tools  tab and click  Startup .
  • Enable or Disable  the list of programs that you wish to run in the background. 
  • Select the  Save to Text File  option to save the complete process.
CCleaner File

Ccleaner File Recovery

In some cases, ccleaner might not be able to clean your browser history. Just perform the steps below to clean the history.

  • CCleaner  can be used to clean the junk files and folders, but it cannot perform data recovery after deleting the essential data.
  • If you launch the CCleaner application with its default settings, it will be difficult to recover the data soon.
  • It is widely used to avoid the risk of recovering the deleted files by unauthorized users.
  • The CCleaner application is set in  Secure Deletion  mode to overwrite the data with more passes that will make file recovery more difficult.
  • Most of the CCleaner users, wipe Free space on drives and clean the MFT free space to delete the erased files on CCleaner permanently.
  • The CCleaner recommends using the Recuva (data recovery software) for recovering the files deleted using CCleaner.
  • Recuva is a data recovery software developed by the makers of CCleaner.
  • You can download the Recuva software from the official site.
  • It is available in two packs, namely, Recuva Free version  and  Recuva Pro pack.
  • Download the latest version of Recuva software and install it on your device.
  • Now, run the Recuva wizard on your device by following the steps below.
  • Run the Recuva in  Wizard  mode by selecting the  Options  button and clicking  Show Wizard at Startup  Run Wizard.
  • Click on the  Next  button on the  Welcome to the Recuva Wizard  page.
  • Select the type of files that you wish to recover from the  File Type  page and click  Next .
  • If you find difficulties in selecting the file type, click on the Other option.
  • Choose the location of the file you wish to search on the File Location page and select Next.
  • There is also an option for running a deep scan, but this advanced scan takes more time to complete.
  • To execute a deep scan, click on the  Enable Deep Scan  checkbox on the  Thank You  page. 
  • Click Start to begin the scanning process.
  • The scanned data will get displayed in the main window.
  • Choose the data that needs to be recovered and select  Recover.
  • Now, move the recovered CCleaner files on the driver by selecting the destination and save the data.