CCleaner Not Working

CCleaner Windows Update

If CCleaner does not work, you can try this CCleaner Not Working solution which involves using the registry editor.

  • Do note that making incorrect changes to the registry editor settings can render the computer unusable.
  • Open the Windows Start menu.(Click the Windows icon at the bottom-left section of the task bar.)
  • Type ‘regedit’ in the text field and right-click the ‘Registry Editor App’ search result.
  • Choose ‘Run as administrator.’ Click Yes.
  • The Registry Editor dashboard appears.
  • Click File Export .
  • Click the ‘All’ radio button.
  • Enter the date as the name of the file and save the registry editor setting to a specific folder.
  • Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWAREMICROSOFTWINDOWS NTCurrentVersionImage File Execution OptionsRight-click CCleanerDeleteYes.
  • Close the Registry Editor and restart the computer. The CCleaner Not Working issue should now be resolved. If not, try uninstalling and reinstalling CCleaner.
CCleaner Not Working

Ccleaner Update Not Working

  • Check whether the ccleaner file is present in the system drive of your computer.
  • Uninstall and reinstall ccleaner on your computer and try to update the application.
  • If this does not work, uninstall the application.
  • Now install the latest version of the application on your computer from the manufacturer’s site.

Ccleaner Not Working On Windows 10

  • If you have a pre-installed antivirus program on your computer, open it.
  • Check whether the permissions for the ccleaner application are granted.
  • Check whether the application is present in the designated path.
  • Another Antivirus solution is to uninstall and reinstall the older version of CCleaner Not Working for added support.

Ccleaner Duplicate Finder Not Working

  • Open CCleaner and click the Tools option.
  • Select Duplicate Finder.
  • Click the ‘Name, Size, and Modified date’ checkboxes.
  • You can keep the ‘Zero byte files, System Files, and Read only files options selected.
  • Click the ‘File size under’ checkbox and enter ‘1’ the number field.
  • Click Add The Include window opens.
  • Click Browse Set the drive to scan for duplicate files Navigate to File Types Ensure that ‘All Files’ is selected.
  • Go to Options. Select ‘Include files and subfolders’ OK Search.
  • The Duplicate Finder should now be able to detect duplicate files.

Ccleaner Chrome Remote Desktop Not Working

  • Make sure that the remote desktop feature is enabled on your computer.
  • Also, ensure that the remote desktop driver is installed on your system
  • Open Settings on Chrome and go to the Extensions section.
  • Now check whether the ccleaner extension is enabled.
  • If CCleaner Not Working, enable it and recheck the connection.