CCleaner Registry Cleaner

Guide: CCleaner Registry Cleaner

The Registry stores more information like preferences and settings for the applications and Operating System. CCleaner Registry Cleaner helps to clean the registry on your Windows computer. It makes the Windows registry efficient and tidy by removing the non-existent application and corrupted entries from your Windows computer.

CCleaner Registry Windows 10

  • Visit the official website of the CCleaner Registry Cleaner software and then click the Download button.
  • After downloading the CCleaner Registry software on your Windows 10 computer, follow the steps mentioned below to install it. 
  • Click the Run button to begin the CCleaner software’s installation process. 
  • As soon as you see the prompt window, select the Yes option.
  • In the Welcome to the CCleaner Setup window, select your desired language from the Select Your Language drop-down list, and click the Next button. 
  • When you see the Install Options window, click the Next button. 
  • Remove the checkmark next to the Install the free Google Toolbar along with CCleaner option and click Install.
  • In the Completing the CCleaner Registry Cleaner Setup window, remove the checkmark next to the View Release Notes option and click the Finish button.
CCleaner Registry Cleaner

How To Use CCleaner Registry Cleaner

To know how to use the CCleaner Registry Cleaner to clean the registry, follow the step-by-step guidelines given below.

  • Open the main interface of the CCleaner Registry Cleaner software.
  • Navigate to the left corner of the screen, and find the Registry icon, and click it.
  • Once you have selected all the items that you need to scan, click the Scan for Issues button.
  • Now, the CCleaner Registry Cleaner begins to scan all the selected items.
  • Once you finish the scanning process, right-click the screen and click the Save to Text File button.
  • To resolve the issue, click the Fix Selected Issues button. When the next window that displays on the screen prompts you to back up the registry entries, you are recommended to select the Yes option.
  • Specify the location or path to save the backup registry entries. The name of the registry files should end with .REG. Click the Save button to create a backup for the registry entries.
  • Click Fix All Selected Issues OK Close. This will resolve the registry issues.

How To Restore CCleaner Registry Backup

Follow the quick instructions given below to restore the registry entries that you have created while cleaning it using the CCleaner Registry Cleaner software.

  • Once you have logged into the Endpoint as an administrator, go to one of:
  • C:\Program Files\CCleaner Network\Endpoint Agent\Backups’
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Endpoint Agent\Backups (64-bit)’ location.
  • Find the .REG file you want to restore and then double-click it.
  • When you see the Confirmation prompt message, click the Yes button.

CCleaner Registry Defrag

To block Port Scans in the network, carry out the below-mentioned steps

  • You can defragment registry files using the C Cleaner Defraggler tool which can be downloaded from the official CCleaner site. After downloading the tool, install it as per the on-screen prompts.
  • Now, launch the tool. You need to run an Analyze process on the drive comprising the registries files.
  • In the main window, click the Click the Analyze button to scan the registries in the selected applications.
  • Click the View files option. Now, mark the files you want to defragment after sorting it by a specific category.
  • Now, click the Defrag Checked button.

CCleaner Fix Registry Errors

  • Launch the main interface of the CCleaner Registry Cleaner software.
  • Once you have chosen the items to scan, click the OK button.
  • Move to the Applications tab and then select the application that you need to clean.
  • Select the Analyze button on the main panel.
  • Now, the CCleaner software begins to scan the registry entries for the selected applications.
  • As soon as you see the scanned registries on the screen, click the Clean button to delete the corrupted registries.
  • If you click the Run Cleaner button, the registries will be removed from your system.
  • Click the OK button followed by the Save to Text File button.