CCleaner Software Updater

Solutions: CCleaner Software Updater

The Automatic Software Updater feature is available in the CCleaner Professional software. This software allows only basic cleaning. To get the Automatic Cleaning feature, buy either the CCleaner Professional or CCleaner Professional Plus software on your computer.

CCleaner Windows Update

Refer to the procedure mentioned below to know how to update the CCleaner software on your Windows computer.

  • Download the CCleaner Professional software from the manufacturer site. 
  • Install the CCleaner Professional software by following the on-screen prompts and then launch it on the Windows computer.
  • You have to check for updates regularly. If an update is available for the CCleaner Professional software, update it to the latest version.
CCleaner Software Updater

Checking For Updates

  • In the main interface of the CCleaner Professional software, move the cursor to the ‘Check for Updates’ button at the bottom-right end of the screen, and click it.
  • This will redirect to the CCleaner web page on your default web browser.
  • If the CCleaner Professional software is outdated, the Update link will be provided on this site. Click the appropriate link to update the CCleaner Professional software.
  • If the CCleaner Professional software is already updated to the latest version, you will see the message stating that the software has the recent version.

Ccleaner Mac Update

Follow the method provided below to check for the CCleaner Professional software’s update on your Mac computer.

  • Open the main window of the CCleaner Professional software on the Mac computer.
  • Find the ‘Check for Updates’ option at the bottom of the screen and then click it.
  • Now, the default browser on the Mac computer will open.
  • You are directed to the ‘CCleaner for Mac’ page.
  • Find the Update link on the CCleaner for Mac page and then click it to update the CCleaner Professional software to the recent version if it is outdated.

Ccleaner Driver Update

The driver update is not available in the CCleaner Professional software.

Ccleaner Delete Windows Update Files

  • To delete the Windows update files, add these files to a separate folder in the CCleaner software.
  • The Windows update files will be present in the ‘C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads’ location.
  • Run the CCleaner software and then select the Windows update file’s folder. This will delete the Windows update files.
ccleaner delete windows update files

Ccleaner Update Not Working

To resolve the ‘CCleaner update not working’ problem, you have to uninstall and re-install the CCleaner Professional software by performing the instructions below.

Uninstalling The Ccleaner Professional Software From Your Computer

  • On your Windows 7 computer, type ‘uninstall a program’ without including the single quotes in the Windows search bar.
  • Now, click the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option from the search result.
  • Select the CCleaner Professional software and then click the Uninstall button.

Installing The CCleaner Professional Software

  • Move to the Downloads folder in the File Manager window.
  • Find the ccleaner.exe file and then double-click it to begin the CCleaner Professional software installation process.
  • As soon as you see the new window, click the Install button.
  • In the CCleaner Software Updater Setup Complete window, click Run CCleaner.
  • Mention the product key in the appropriate field while activating the CCleaner Professional software.