CCleaner Won’t Install Windows 10

Solved: CCleaner Won’t Install Windows 10

Cannot install the CCleaner?

  • If you have not logged in to the Windows 10 computer using the administrator account, the system can prevent the installation.
  • At times, the security software tool on the computer blocks the installation of any cleaning or new application from running.
  • The presence of any malware or virus on the system leads to the CCleaner Won’t Install Windows 10.
  • When the computer software is an older version, running the CCleaner application can be difficult.
  • Already having a CCleaner tool running on the Windows 10 device can make the installation a tedious task.
  • Without having permission to run the CCleaner application, one cannot install the software. 
CCleaner Won’t Install Windows 10

How to Solve CCleaner Problems?

Whenever an error occurs during the CCleaner installation, it is notified through an error message. Try the measures below to fix the errors.

  • Before opening the CCleaner file, make sure to run the file as an administrator. For that, right-click on the CCleaner file and then select the Run as administrator option from the menu list.
  • In case you are not logged into the administrator account, then enter the administrator Username and Password to log into the account.
  • Verify your permission for the CCleaner file. Right-click on the file, after that click on the Properties option. After the Properties dialog box opens up, go to the Security panel and look for your user name below Group or user names. Select the user name and click the Edit button. In the Permission for Users section, check if the Full control is enabled or allowed. Do the necessary changes and click the Apply button to save the changes. Again, open the CCleaner file to perform the installation.
  • If you had used CCleaner previously on the Windows 10 device, then make sure to close the CCleaner program before installing the new file. To check the applications in the background on the computer, right-click on the taskbar of the Desktop, next select Task Manager.
  • Now, in the Task Manager window and within the Processes panel, Select the End Task menu from the given list. The running CCleaner program stops now, after that, try to install the CCleaner application.
  • The Antivirus tool or the Firewall settings on the computer may prevent the CCleaner installer file from running, therefore, turn off the firewall settings and disable the Antivirus application while installing the CCleaner application. In the worst case, you have to remove the Antivirus tool from the computer, then continue to CCleaner Won’t Install Windows 10 software. If you can install CCleaner after removing the Antivirus, then proceed to change the Antivirus program.
  • The file location where the CCleaner installer file is placed can be temporary or unavailable, so the file cannot run. See that the CCleaner is stored in the actual file location. Right-click on the file and follow the path Properties > Shortcut. In the Target field, check the file location and verify whether the location exists. If the location is not available, then change the location.
  • An incorrect installer file name does not allow the CCleaner file to run on the computer. Find the CCleaner installer file and modify the file name to either “CCleaner” or “Setup” following that, open the installer file to run.
  • Removing the previous CCleaner registry entries on Windows 10 helps to fix the CCleaner Won’t Install Windows 10 problem. Find “regedit” using the search bar, then right-click on the suggested menu and select Run as administrator. The Registry Editor window appears, go to the path Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE. Open the CCleaner folder and then right-click on the files, select Delete to remove the file.
  • Even after attempting all the above solutions, you cannot install CCleaner, then delete the CCleaner installer file and install a better version of the CCleaner software. Sometimes, the whole package can be difficult to run, so download CCleaner Slim that contains only the important files, unlike the whole package.
  • Downloading an updated version of CCleaner may not be compatible with the computer, therefore download the older version, run the installation, and then proceed to update the CCleaner application.