Comodo Malware

What is Comodo Antivirus Malware Scan?

Comodo Malware is created to detect and remove the malware and all the other dangerous threats from the computer. This software does not want any installation, and it can also run from the removable media like the USB key. This also enables the user to erase, terminate any untrusted item with a click. The Malware scanner easily detects the viruses, rootkits, and all the hidden threats. It categorizes the threat level of all the objects.

How to Perform Comodo Malware Scan?

To perform a Comodo Anti Malware scan, do the following steps.

  • First, download the Comodo Malware program.
  • Now, proceed with the on-screen prompts for the installation.
  • Next, click the Scan option from the User interface.
  • The scanning process will begin to start the entire PC for malware.
  • After the malware scan is done, it will show you the threats recognized and removed from the computer.
  • Click the Exit option, and now the malware must be deleted from the PC.
Comodo Malware

How to use Antivirus Comodo Malware Removal?

Perform the following steps to remove malware using Comodo antivirus.

  • First, download the Comodo Antivirus from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Next, make sure to save the CAV installer on the computer.
  • Double-click the downloaded CAV installer in the Downloads folder.
  • Now, select the Run option to install the program.
  • Once the installation files are extracted, choose the Language, and then click the OK button.
  • Now, reboot the computer.
  • Once the rebooting is complete, select the internet connection type.
  • Next, to start the scanning process, double-click the Comodo icon on the desktop.
  • The Comodo antivirus will prompt to run a scan to recognize the virus, spyware, and malware.
  • Click the Fix it option to perform the scan and the virus information will be automatically updated.
  • Once the scanning is complete, a threat alert screen will appear.
  • Now, the Comodo Antivirus will delete and remove all the malware detected on the computer.

Comodo Boclean Anti Malware

Perform the following Clean my PC guidelines for Comodo Boclean Anti-Malware.

  • First, download and install the Comodo Boclean program from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Once the Comodo Boclean is launched, it will start to run the background and observe the system as the icon is showed in the taskbar.
  • Now, right-click the icon to open the Main menu.
  • Make sure that the database is updated by running a manual update from the Control panel.
  • Now, configure the Sleath mode in Boclean which secures the other users of the computer from making any modification to the Comodo Malware program. 
  • Click Yes on the confirmation box, to confirm the action.
  • The Boclean will give a list of the detected trojans that are being watched.

How to remove Comodo Geekbuddy Malware?

Perform the following steps to proceed with the Comodo GreekBuddy malware scan.

Comodo Anti Malware
  • First, launch the Scan interface and then click the Scan My PC from the left side of the GReekBuddy home screen.
  • Next, click the Start Smart Scan option to start the scanning process.
  • Now, the interface will show three tabs, such as the Scan my PC, Health report, trend analysis. 
  • Once the Comodo Malware scanning is done, click the Exit option to close the program.