Comodo Spyware Protection

What is Comodo Spyware?

The Comodo Spyware Protection package provides extraordinary protection that has showed the potentiality charge of spyware and adware threats. The virus defense disables the access to the program that looks doubtful from all the critical checkpoints.

What is Comodo Dragon Spyware?

Perform the steps below for Comodo dragon spyware.

  • If you received a notification about a disabled application, then select.
  • Take no option, if you wish to continue blocking the application.
  • Remove the software to prevent future alerts.
  • Re-authorize a blocked application.
  • Next, delete the Controlled application.
  • Make use of the Add or Remove Comodo Spyware Protection programs in Windows Control panel.
  • To open the Add or remove programs utility from the Windows Control panel.
  • First, click the Start Settings Control panel.
  • Now, click the Add or Remove Programs.
  • The recently downloaded and installed program list from the Add or Remove programs tool lists of the Windows-compatible programs which have an uninstall program.
  • Download an application uninstaller to remove the controlled application.
Comodo Spyware Protection

How to use Comodo Firewall Spyware?

Perform the following guidelines for Comodo firewall spyware.

  • First, check the Comodo Anti Spyware in the programs and features.
  • After the spyware is confirmed, make sure to delete it or stop it before uninstalling.
  • Click the Start button on the screen and enter msconfig in the Search field.
  • Next, click the Startup disable the same program option under the Programs and Features.
  • Now, click the Apply option and then click the OK button.
  • Launch the Task Manager and then click the Services option.
  • Next, click End Process on the same program.
  • This can block the spyware activities on the computer.
  • Now, uninstall the Comodo Spyware Protection program by opening the Programs and Features option.
  • Choose the Spyware program and click the Uninstall the program.
  • Now, restart the computer after the trace of the spyware is entirely deleted from the computer.
  • Next, delete all the spyware, trojans, adware, and malware that is hidden in the temp folder.
  • Open the C drive and click the Documents and then the Settings Administrator Local Settings form the temp folder.
  • Make sure to delete everything in the temp folder. 
  • Once the files are deleted, now restart the computer.

How to use Anti Spyware Comodo?

Perform the Comodo Antivirus steps below for the Anti spyware Comodo.

  • Power off the computer and then turn it on back.
  • Next, press the F8 key for the Windows to load and then make use of the arrows key to choose the safe mode.
  • Now, download the spyware scanner from the Clean my PC manufacturer’s site and run it.
  • This will show all the threats on the computer once the Comodo Spyware Protection scan is done.
  • Next, restart the computer, and this will eliminate the threats, spyware, and viruses.     
Comodo Anti Spyware