Does Antivirus Software Slow Down Pcs

Does Antivirus Software Slow Down Pcs

Does Antivirus Software Slow Down Pcs

The answer is YES, to an extent. All the programs on your PC need some system resources to run in the background. Your Antivirus program is no exception. The background scans that an Antivirus performs will require some amount of power. So, you can edit the settings such that the scans happen at nights or when your PC is not in use. In this way, you will be able to reduce the impact caused by the Antivirus software.

However, if you have decided to uninstall the Antivirus software from your PC (because you think that it slows down the system), wait and think for a moment!

Other factors might also slow down your PC. So, your Antivirus program alone cannot be blamed for the speed-related issues.

With an Antivirus software, the CPU usage can be constant, because such software performs ongoing, automatic scans. Each time a scan is performed on your PC, your Antivirus software needs to compare the network drive with a long list of already-known malware signatures and behaviors. Such in-depth checking will definitely need some amount of power for proper functioning.

The number of malware has drastically increased over the years. The databases that the Antivirus programs use have also become huge. To resolve this issue, many of the premium security companies work online.

If your PC has slowed down considerably, your Antivirus software alone is not the culprit. Before you start making any changes to your security suite, you have to make sure that other factors, such as the following, are not slowing down the PC’s performance:

Hard drive issues:

  • In case your memory is full, you will not have enough space for the processes, which can slow down your PC. Old hard drives might also be the reason behind the slowing down of your computer.
  • Freeing up space on your hard drive could help in increasing your PC’s speed.

Malware issues:

  • Malware is usually considered to be the No.1 factor of any speed-related problem on a computer. Although you have an Antivirus program installed on your PC, certain types of malware have the ability to slip through.
  • You can try using various free malware detectors to check whether they flag any does Antivirus Software Slow Down Pcs problems.

Outdated OS:

The operating system is integral to the smooth functioning of your PC. In case you have an outdated operating system, it might be the root cause of the PC slowing down. Since OS updates provide patches for many of the coding issues, keeping your operating system updated is important.

From what we have discussed so far, we can say that your Antivirus software MIGHT slow down your PC. But, that would not be the only factor. Another factor or a combination of other factors might as well play a role in slowing down your PC.

Therefore, check all the necessary factors and eliminate the causes (for slowing down your PC) one by one before you decide to do anything about your Antivirus software.