Easy Games Tab Browser Hijacker Removal

Easy Games Tab Browser Hijacker Removal Tool

Easy Games Tab Browser Hijacker is a program developed by hackers to promote a fake search engine by changing the default home page or search engine of the browser and thus redirecting the searches to irrelevant web pages. The Easy Games Tab Browser modifies the browser settings and it collects the user’s search information without the user knowing it. Since it is a Potentially Unwanted Application, most of the users download it on their system without knowing. If you have the Easy Games Tab Browser Hijacker on the system, continue to read to learn how to remove it.

Easy Games Tab Browser Hijacker Removal 

1. Using the system settings

  • On a Windows computer, search for Control Panel using the search bar and open the Control Panel window.
  • Following that, select the Uninstall a program link below the Program menu.
  • The Programs and Features window shows up and the list of programs and applications installed on the system appear in the window.
  • Find the Easy Games Tab program from the list, right-click it, and then select the Uninstall option.
  • When the system prompts to confirm the uninstallation of the program, click Yes and continue.

2. Configure the browser settings (Google Chrome)

  • Click the more icon at the upper right corner of the Chrome window (desktop version) to open a list of options.
  • Choose Settings and then search for Notification using the search icon at the top of the Settings section.
  • Following that, select the Site Settings menu and click Notifications.
  • Under Allow, find the Easy Games Tab URL from the list of website URLs and select it.
  • Next, click the more icon beside the URL and choose Remove to delete the URL from the Chrome Easy Games Tab Browser Hijacker Removal.