Error Occurred During Installation Kaspersky

Error Occurred During Installation Kaspersky

When you see the ‘Error Occurred During Installation Kaspersky’ message while installing the Kaspersky software on your computer, carry out the troubleshooting steps provided below:

Error Occurred During Installation Kaspersky

Step 1 - Create a Restore Point

  • After selecting the Win icon at the lower end of the computer screen, type ‘create a restore point’ in the search field; select the same from the displayed search results.
  • When the System Properties window displays on the screen, click the System Protection tab.
  • Once you choose the disk to create a restore point from the list of Available Drives, click the Configure button.
  • This will launch the System Protection for Local Disk (C:) window.
  • In the Restore Settings section, select the radio button next to the Turn on system protection option and click the OK button.
  • Click the Create option to open the System Protection window on the screen.
  • Enter a description in the ‘Create a restore point’ field and select the Create option.
  • Close the System Protection window by clicking the Close button when you see the ‘The restore point was created successfully’ message on the screen.

Step 2 - Check for Activation Code

  • Ensure that you have a 20-digit activation code for the Kaspersky application.
  • This has to be entered while re-installing the Kaspersky application on your computer.
  • Case 1 - If you have bought the CD containing the Kaspersky product, the 20-digit activation code could be found on the Quick Start Guide manual.
  • Case 2 - If you have purchased the Kaspersky product from its official online store, you can see the 20-digit activation code in the email sent from the online store.

Step 3 - Delete Files from Previously Installed Kaspersky Application

  • Download the Kaspersky Lab Removal tool from its official website.
  • Once done, double-click the downloaded Kaspersky Lab Removal tool’s executable file to start its installation.
  • Read and review the Kaspersky Lab End User License Agreement if needed.
  • Select the Accept option to agree to the terms and conditions in the license agreement.
  • Type the displayed captcha correctly in the ‘To remove product enter the code from the picture and press Remove’ field.
  • The previously installed Kaspersky files will be detected, and you can see them in the ‘Following products were detected’ field.
  • Select the Remove option.
  • Once you see the ‘Remove operation finished, you need to reboot your computer’ message on the screen, select the OK option.
  • This will restart the computer.
  • If any other files of the previously installed application are detected, run the Kaspersky Lab Removal tool again to remove them from the computer.
  • Now, you can download the Kaspersky application from its official website and install it as per the computer’s on-screen instructions.
  • If the ‘Error Occurred During Installation Kaspersky’ error message persists, get our technical support member’s assistance by clicking the Call button on this web page.