How to Install Eset Antivirus?

Installing the Eset Antivirus on your system is very easy. It will protect your system from any harmful threats. Follow the how to Install Eset Antivirus steps given on this page to install Eset Antivirus.

How to Install ESET Antivirus

How to Install Eset Antivirus on Windows?

  • You can install the Antivirus package with the help of the installation CD or from the browser.
  • Double-click on the Antivirus setup file to run it.
  • Choose Continue in the Install ESET Internet Security window.
  • Tap the I Accept option in the License Agreement screen.
  • Select the Use a Purchased License Key in the Choose an Activation Window.
  • Type the License key you have in the succeeding screen and choose Continue.
  • Choose any one option under the There is Power in Numbers. Get the Maximum Level of Protection and the Detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications feature.
  • Choose whether you want to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program.
  • Click Done once the Eset Installation has been Interrupted has not happened.
  • Enable the Additional Security Tools and complete the setup.

How to Install Eset Antivirus on Mac?

  • Download the Eset Antivirus package and run the setup file to begin the installation.
  • You have to double-click on the Install ESET Endpoint security option on the next screen.
  • Read through the system requirements and tap Continue.
  • Click the Continue button followed by the Agree option to comply with the User Agreement.
  • Choose the Installation Mode as Typical and select Continue.
  • Select the option you prefer in the ESET Live Grid window and the Potentially Unwanted Applications window.
  • Tap Continue and enter the credentials if required.
  • Give permission to the software to allow access to system extensions.
  • Finally, you have to choose the Home or Work option in the New Network Connection Detected window.
  • Choose the required platforms in which the installation must be performed and then select the latest version of the Panda app.
  • The installation is now complete and repeat the how to Install Eset Antivirus guide for any doubts.
ESET Installation has been Interrupted

Steps To Activate Eset

  • Initially, launch the Eset program on your system.
  • Select the Help and Support tab available in the left panel of the window.
  • Click the Change License button and then choose the Enter a License Key option.
  • If you have a 10.x version, then select the Use a Purchased License Key option.
  • Type the License Key in the respective field.
  • Click Activate.

How to Enable Realtime Filesystem Protection In ESET?

  • Open the ESET Antivirus software.
  • Go the Detection menu and then select the Real-Time File System Protection option.
  • Tick the checkbox near the Enable Real-Time File System Protection option.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Restart your computer for this setting to be successfully applied.

How to Enable
Configure Eset Parental Control?

  • Open the ESET Security program on your computer.
  • You have to click the scroll bar available next to the Parental Control option.
  • Make sure the bar turns green. If the bar is in Yellow color, then tap the Arrow mark present near the Eset Installation has been Interrupted option to set it up properly.
  • You can restrict the access based on the Age, Web Pages, Activity, and Password Protection.
  • Navigate to the how to Install Eset Antivirus tab and choose the Security Tools option.

How to Add
New User To Your Account?

  • Open the ESET Interface and click the Admin option.
  • Select the User Management option followed by the Add Users option.
  • Users available nearby will be found automatically.
  • Key in the Name of the User in the User Name textbox.
  • In the Conflict Resolution drop-down list, choose from the options Ask When Conflicts are Detected, Skip Conflicting Users, or Overwrite Conflicting Users.
  • Make use of the + Add option to add more users. You can also click the Import CSV option to add a list of users.
  • Tap Add once you finish adding the users.

How to Modify User Access?

  • Go to the Admin page after your open the Eset software on your system.
  • Choose the Access Rights option and then select Permission Sets. Click the Edit option near a specific user to set their permissions.
  • When the list of permissions is displayed, tick the checkbox near each permission to give access to it. If you do not want to give rights to particular permission, then tick the checkbox available near it.

Steps To Enable And Configure Eset Firewall Settings

  • Launch the ESET Antivirus program and go to the Setup tab.
  • Choose the Network Protection option in the succeeding screen.
  • Click on the scroll bar present near the Firewall option to enable it.
  • Tap Apply in the proceeding window.

How to Scan And Detect Malware In ESET?

  • Open the Eset software on your system.
  • Choose Computer Scan, then click Advanced Scan, and then select the Custom Scan option in the drop-down box.
  • Choose the Settings icon, and from the drop-down list, click the In-Depth Scan option.
  • Choose the tickbox available next to This PC or Computer.
  • The software starts the scanning process after you click on the Scan button.

How to Setup Custom Eset Scan?

  • On your PC, open the Main screen of the Eset Scan software.
  • Open the Advanced tab by pressing the F5 button on your keyboard.
  • Choose the Detection Engine option and then choose Malware scans, Select the Edit button next to the List of Profiles.
  • Enter a new profile name and then click the Add option.
  • Choose OK and then select your profile from the Selected Profile drop-down list.
  • Set the profile as per your how to Install Eset Antivirus requirements and then close the Advanced dialog box by choosing OK.

How to Setup Schedule Eset Scan?

  • Open the Main window and select Tools, and then choose the Scheduler option.
  • Select the On-Demand Computer Scan option in the drop-down list and then type a name for your task.
  • Click the appropriate task frequency and then choose the date and time.
  • To carry out the task later, click the Run the task as soon as possible option.
  • Examine the summary of the task which is scheduled and select the Finish button.
  • Choose the Local Drives option from the Targets drop-down list. Complete the task by selecting the Finish option.

How to Add a New Task In Scheduler? 

  • The steps on how to create a new task in Scheduler are as follows,
  • Open the Eset application and click the Tools option, and then choose the Scheduler button.
  • Click on the Add Task option, else right-click and then choose the Add button on the Context window.
  • Five types of scheduled tasks can be created using Eset software. In the Scheduled drop-down list, choose Log maintenance, System startup file check, Update, On-demand computer scan, or Create a computer status snapshot.
  • In the Task Name box, enter any name for your task. Choose the correct frequency and select the Repeatedly, Once, Daily, Event Triggered, or Daily option.
  • The task will run at the specified date and time.
  • Choose the profiles to be used in the window that opens on your PC. Add the task to the list by choosing the Finish button.

How to Enable Eset Banking And Payment Protection?

  • Open the secured browser from the Home page of the Eset application.
  • Else, open the launched ESET Banking & Payment protection app from the PC screen.
  • The ESET Banking & Payment browser appears with a green border.
  • Make a selection and select the Open Secured Browser option.
  • To edit or add the list of sites, open the browser and tap the F5 key.
  • Choose Web & Email, then click the Banking & Payment Protection option, and then select Edit.
  • If you wish to add a website, choose the Remove, Edit, or Add button in the Protected Websites Eset Installation has been Interrupted dialog box and then click on the Add button.

How to Configure Eset Anti Theft?

  • Open the Home dialog box of the Eset Antivirus software. Click the Setup option and then select Security Tools.
  • Choose the slider bar present next to the Anti-Theft option to activate the same.
  • Click the Create Account option and sign into the account by entering your mail ID and password.
  • Mark the checkbox next to I Agree to ESET Terms and Conditions.
  • Choose Create new account and then enter a name for the device.
  • Click the Continue button, and the Anti-Theft software gets activated.
  • Choose Close and the ESET Anti-Theft Portal gets displayed automatically.
  • Click the Create Phantom Account option and your account gets optimized.

How to Enable And Manage Password Manager In ESET?

  • After opening Eset, click the Enable option.
  • Choose the arrow button present next to the Password Manager option.
  • Click the New Password Store option. Enter the email address that is associated with your ESET account.
  • Type the new password in the Email Address and New master password boxes.
  • Make sure to enter a secure password. After entering the new password, select the Continue button.
  • Enter the new password in the Confirm master password field and tick the Important Warning checkbox.
  • Select the Confirm option and then mark the tickbox present next to the browser that you wish to use and then select Continue.
  • On your web browser, add ESET Password Manager Autofill Engine and then click the Add Extension option.

Steps To Enable And Configure Eset Mail Security

  • Remove all the antivirus software from your system. Make sure that a Transport Agent Role is launched.
  • Download and install the Eset antivirus app. Check if the ESET filtering agents are installed.
  • Now, open the ESET Mail Security application and select Tools, and then choose Scheduler.
  • Choose Add Task and then enter a name for it. Click On-Demand Computer Scan in the drop-down box and then select the Next option.
  • Choose an option for launching a task that was skipped previously. Click the tickboxes present next to the drives you wish to scan and then select OK.

Steps To Exclude Certain File Or Folder's From Real Time Scan In Eset

  • First, the ESET Smart Security tool must be opened on your personal computer.
  • To display the Advanced Setup dialog box, locate and then press the F5 button on your keyboard.
  • Choose the Antivirus and Antispyware option on the Advanced Setup Tree.
  • Select the Exclusions button and then select the Add option.
  • The Add Extension pop-up window will open on your personal computer screen and click OK, and then select the OK option again.
  • Now, exit the Main program dialog box to end the how to Install Eset Antivirus process.

How to Manage Quarantine Files In ESET?

  • On your desktop, switch to the ESET Antivirus software.
  • Select the Tools option and then click More Tools.
  • Choose the Quarantine button and then select the item that has to be retrieved.
  • Click on the Restore button and when instructed, select the Yes button to confirm.

How to Delete a Virus Quarantine File Location?

  • The Eset Quarantine application stores the infected files safely. You can delete a quarantine file if you do not want them anymore.
  • Double click on the ESET icon in the system tray to launch the application.
  • Move the cursor to the left pane and select the Tools option.
  • Select the icon with the lock symbol named Quarantine.
  • The number of files quarantined will be present below the icon.
  • Once the Quarantine window opens, right click on the file that you want to delete.
  • From the Short menu, select the Delete From Quarantine option.
  • Select Yes on the confirmation window and the quarantined file gets deleted.

Xopero Backup & Restore With Eset

Xopera Backup & Restore application works efficiently with the ESET antivirus. You can create a backup, synchronize and retrieve data, e-mail accounts, applications, network drivers, programs and System State from servers and workstations. Since you can duplicate your file, protect the data from hardware failure. Download the Xopera Backup & Restore application from a trusted source. Create your own account and start utilizing the antivirus application.

Restore Default Settings In Eset

  • Launch the user interface of the ESET antivirus application.
  • Start accessing the Advanced Setup by pressing the F5 key.
  • Select Network Protection -> Firewall from the left panel.
  • Move to the top right corner of the window and select the default icon indicated by a reverse arrow symbol.
  • Click the Revert to Default option in the new window that appears.

How to Renew Eset License?

  • The procedure to renew the ESET license varies based on the country in which you have purchased the ESET license.
  • Launch the local ESET Renewals page.
  • Specify the License ID in the respective field and click the Get Your Discount button.
  • Choose the renewal package as per your preference.
  • Select Add to Cart option and click Checkout to submit the order.
  • Save the mail from ESET that possess the login credentials and the License Key.

How to Uninstall Eset Completely?

  • You can uninstall the ESET application from the Start menu as you do for other Eset Installation has been Interrupted applications.
  • Select Start and choose All Programs option.
  • Search for the ESET application and select Uninstall.
  • Restart your PC and wait until the system reboots.
  • Again launch the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  • Choose Folder Options -> View and click the Show hidden files & folders option.
  • Now launch the My Computer application and delete the folders with ESET in the file name.
  • The ESET antivirus application gets uninstalled completely from your PC.
  • Make sure that you are not using the Windows Add or Remove Programs option in the Control Panel to uninstall ESET.


Win 1620 error code is caused by misconfigured system files. The misconfigured system files mean certain files are missing or corrupt. You can fix this error issue by repairing the software that is available online. Let’s see briefly about how to fix Installation error message in Eset.

How to Fix Installation Error Message In Eset For Error Code [ Error Code: Win.1620], [Sc Error Code 11]?

  • The first step is to download Repair software.
  • To do that, open a browser on your system, enter the repair software keyword on the search bar, and click the Enter button.
  • Click the Download button. Make sure to download the Advanced System Repair software to fix this issue.
  • After the repair software downloads, launch it on your system by double-clicking it.
  • Click the Quick Scan button to start the process. The Quick Scan option is used to scan the entire computer, which includes the file, folder, photos, and videos.
  • Click the Repair All option to Repair your computer.
  • Now the repair process is complete, and you can start using your computer.

Installation Has Been Interrupted (Install Error 1618)

You can resolve this issue in two different ways.

Method 1: Complete other Windows installations that are in progress

  • To stop the on-going installation process, follow the instructions given below.
  • Click the Close button on the Installation has been interrupted window to end the ESET installation process.
  • Wait until the Windows Update completes.
  • Now, restart the ESET application on your system and try to install it again.

Method 2: End other Windows installer tasks.

  • To stop the other software installation process on your system, follow the how to Install Eset Antivirus instructions given below.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combo to open the Task Manager on your system.
  • Click the Processes tab near the Performances option.
  • Select all the files or entries in the list and click the End Task or End Process option.
  • Now the on-going process will stop.
  • Restart your ESET installation and try to install it again.

Installation Process Was Not Completed Successfully (Error Code: Msi.1406, Msi.1303)

  • Check if the ESET installer is running as administrator, if not, then follow the instructions given below.
  • Right-click on the ESET installer file and click on the Run as Administrator option.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the installation wizard to fix the issue.
  • If the error continues, then create three separate folders on C Drive. Name the folder as ESET Security, ESET Modules, and ESET Data. You can install the installer in two different ways. They are Live installer or offline installer and Install from MSI.
  • To install the installer Live or offline, follow the steps given below.
  • Click the Change Installation folder when prompted to enable the LiveGrid and Direction of PUAs option.
  • Change the installation path and click the Continue button.
  • To install the installer from MSI, click the Advanced Settings option when prompted to enable Detection of PUAs. Replace the path and click the Continue button.

When Eset Integration Is Enabled There Are Duplicate Emails In Outlook

  • If you are receiving duplicate emails, then try disabling and enabling the ESET Anti-virus on your system.
  • After-which reboot the system and check if the issue is resolved.
  • Stop scanning for sent files.
  • You can also try installing the duplicate email remover software and check if the duplication has stopped.
  • Now, go to Advanced Settings -> Web and email -> Email Client Protection -> Alerts and Notifications.
  • Locate the Append Tag Messages option and change it to Never.
  • The only backdrop in this would be you cannot identify the Spam and Unread messages that are needed for you.
  • Temporarily disabling ESET will not bring in any bugs to your device as there is no direct solution given to this issue.

Anti-Phishing, Web And Email Protocol Not Functioning

  • In case you are facing the problem even after updating Windows, follow the below-mentioned guidelines to resolve the issue.
  • Temporarily, try uninstalling the ESET Anti-virus and then install the ESET Internet Security.
  • The ESET Internet Security is a paid version. As an alternative, you can enable the 30-day trial version.
  • Update the modules, enable the advanced logging from the Help and Support -> Details for Technical Support.
  • Now, reboot the system you use. Disable the Advanced Logging option.
  • You will have to gather the logs with ESET Log Collector and paste the archive that is generated here.
  • After the issue is sorted, you will be downgraded to EAV automatically.

Clearing Error Message Protocol Filtering Problem

  • If your application is not updating or unable to enable security on your channel, try turning off the SSL Protocol filtering temporarily.
  • Change the SSL Protocol Filtering’s mode to Interactive to re-run the update.
  • A dialog box will notify you about the network traffic that is encrypted.
  • Click ignore after choosing the certificate which comes from the server. If there are no dialog messages displayed, switch the filtering mode to automatic.
  • Check if the problem is solved. If you are not able to use any function of a device on the network you use, then add its address IPv6 or IPv4 to the list of excluded addresses.

Credentials Access ESET Livegrid Servers Are Not Correct

  • The issue is because your ESET Endpoint product limits or corrupts the behavior. The username and password will not be found if you can update only from a mirror link. The credentials that you use may not be correct.
  • From the main program dialog box, click Update -> Show all Modules. If you are not able to find anything in the module list, then, restart the operating system.
  • Send an upgrade task to the clients without including the ESET license.
  • Do not select the license if you are running the upgrade on the previously activated product.
  • Choose the checkbox next to the Automatically Reboot When Needed option.
  • If the installation is incomplete, then use the ESET installer tool. Do not install the ERA Agent.
  • If you are not able to resolve the issue, then contact the support team to do the same.

Update Error: File Not Found On Server

  • Check if you can update after each step. Else proceed further.
  • As the first step, you will have to use the latest version of the ESET product.
  • Re-enter the username, password, and license key given to you by ESET.
  • Check whether the license has expired. If so, renew it and verify whether the issue is resolved.
  • Clear all the temporary and cache files.
  • You will have to remove other installed anti-virus software, and it’s temporary files.
  • Your firewall might block the function, hence remove ESET from the firewall that blocks.
  • If you are not using HTTP proxy, open the program window. Press F5 and access the Advanced Setup Window.
  • Click Update -> Profiles -> Update -> Connection option. From the Proxy drop-down menu, choose Do not use Proxy Server and press Ok.
  • If the above solutions did not help, uninstall and reinstall the ESET product by using the how to Install Eset Antivirus guide.