ESET iPhone Antivirus

ESET Antivirus for iPhone

Although iOS devices are considered to be more secure, they might also get infected bu viruses and malware. These viruses and malware might enter into an iPhone when you download files from unknown sources or during file sharing. You can use the ESET iPhone Antivirus program to prevent viruses or malware from entering your iPhone. ESET Mobile Device Management and ESET Secure Authentication are the mobile apps available for iOS devices.

ESET Mobile Device Management provides features like anti-theft functions, web content filtering, whitelisting and blacklisting applications, and device security. The program is used mostly for businesses to protect all the devices. ESET Mobile Device Management is a remote software for iOS devices and it is used to configure iOS related security settings. You don't have to install an antivirus app on your iPhone. You can protect your iPhone with the help of ESET remotely. All the devices can be managed from a single pane.

ESET iPhone Antivirus

The key features of the ESET Mobile Management software are mentioned below.

  • You can configure a security profile on your iPhone so that can you can adjust the security settings remotely.
  • If your iPhone is lost, the anti-theft feature of ESET allows you to locate your device.
  • It also removes all your data from your iPhone to protect your data while stolen.
  • ESET iPhone Antivirus manages settings for Exchange and Wi-Fi. 
  • You can also remotely push the settings for VPN accounts
  • It manages your passcodes, privacy, iCloud, and device settings.
  • You can manage your device through ESET remote administrator.
  • ESET Antivirus provides full security while you surf the internet and blocks phishing content.
  • You can white list and blacklist applications easily. It is also possible to blacklist and white list specific URLs.
  • It provides network security to your mobiles and servers.
  • ESET iPhone Antivirus gives you endpoint protection and safeguards your data.