ESET Mobile Security 

ESET Antivirus Mobile Security 

The ESET Mobile Security application is a fantastic tool for an Android device. The ESET application protects your Android phone/tablet from malware, viruses, and so on. The ESET Antivirus for the mobile application also prevents your application from unauthorized usage by adding a layer of security. This layer of security is achieved via a PIN/fingerprint. The Proactive Anti-Theft feature provided by the ESET Security application helps you find the phone/tablet in case of theft or loss.

ESET Mobile Security for Android

Here are the steps to download, install, and set up ESET Security for Android on an Android phone/tablet.

  • Launch the Play Store application on your Android device.
  • Go the Search field and type ESET. Tap the ESET security app from the search result.
  • Select the Install button and wait until the ESET application is installed.
  • Tap the Open button to open ESET Security and then select the country and preferred language on the opening screen. Tap Next.
  • Tap the Allow ESET LiveGrid, Allow Customer Experience Improvement, and Allow to send promotional discounts and product news from ESET checkboxes to enable these options if needed. Tap Next followed Continue.
  • Choose the Allow option when the pop-up message appears on the screen with the options Allow and Deny.
  • The Select your email address screen appears. Tap the drop-down button and type the email address with which you want to register Mobile Security. Tap OK. 
  • Tap the First Scan option to allow ESET Mobile Security to scan your smart device for malware. If you have bought an ESET Security license, you can follow these steps to activate the premium features.
  • Tap the Menu icon on the ESET Security app. Choose the License option. Tap the Enter a License Key option on the bottom of the screen.
  • Type the ESET Antivirus for Mobile license in the Enter a License Key field and then tap Activate.
  • Now, ESET Security verifies whether the entered license key is genuine and then displays the Activation successful message. Tap Finish.

ESET Mobile Security License Key

  • The License key is used to prevent the manufacturer’s software from a third-party. It prevents the data to be copied, shared, or used.
  • Usually, the License Key is mailed to your mail ID during the full product purchase.
  • You can use the Public License ID if you download the free version of the ESET software.
  • Enter the License key during product activation.
  • If you face any issue during the activation, then you can contact the ESET Antivirus for Mobile Security software technical support to fix the problem.

ESET Mobile Security Activation Key For Android

  • Launch the ESET Antivirus for Mobile application on your Android device.
  • Tap the Menu icon on the screen.
  • Select the License option and touch the Enter a License key button.
  • If you have your own license key, then enter it in the given field.
  • Otherwise, enter the public license key in the given field.
  • Tap the Activate button. Once the verification of your ESET product license is done, the Activation Successful will appear on the screen.
  • Tap the Finish button.

Activate ESET Mobile Security

Perform the steps below to activate ESET Security on Android.

  • Download the ESET Anti-virus for Mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • On the Android mobile phone, tap the Mobile Security icon to open the application.
  • Touch the Menu icon on the top-left corner of the main screen and then tap the License option from the displayed list.
  • Now, tap the Enter a License Key button on the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the License Key in the specified field and then touch the Activate button to activate an ESET security.
  • After you purchase the ESET Mobile security, you will get a Licence Key via E-mail.
  • Tap the Finish button when the ‘Activation Successful’ window displayed on the screen.
ESET Mobile Security

ESET Mobile Security Device Is Locked

You need to reset the device password to unlock the ESET Security device. Proceed with the following steps to reset the device password by Email.

  • Tap the ESET Security for Mobile icon and then touch the Anti-Theft option on the main screen to open the Anti-Theft window on the screen.
  • When you tap the Security options, the Security Password window appears on the screen. Enter the password in the specified field.
  • If the ‘Incorrect password’ message displayed on the screen, tap the Forgotten password button to open the Reset password window.
  • Select the Email option from the list and then tap the Request Code button to get a verification code via E-mail. Now, type the verification code and the new password in the appropriate field.
  • Then, touch the Save button on the bottom of the screen to save the new password.

Follow the steps below to change the device password via SMS.

  • To reset the device password, send the ‘Eset remote reset’ message from your mobile phone to the device.
  • Then, enter the new password in the Security Password window.
  • Tap the Save button to save the new security password.

Do the following steps to reset the password on

  • Visit the official web page of the ESET Anti-Theft antivirus.
  • Select the Sign in button and log into the ESET account using the appropriate credentials.
  • Click the ESET Mobile Security Settings icon and then select the Change Settings option.
  • Enter the new password in the Security Password section and click the Set Password button. Now change the password.