Exploiting Almost Every Antivirus Software

Guide: Exploiting Almost Every Antivirus Software

The basic functionality of Antivirus software is to prevent threats and malicious content from entering into our systems. But what if your protection is automatically disabled before neutralizing such viruses? Let’s look into almost Exploiting Almost Every Antivirus Software in the market.

Exploiting Almost Every Antivirus Software

All Antivirus software performs a similar action when it detects an unknown file on your hard drive. The Antivirus software on your system runs a real-time scan automatically to determine the unknown file, but possibly, a ‘threat’ file. If the scanning process doesn’t happen, your data is vulnerable to hackers or attackers.

If an unknown file is scanned, the Antivirus software sends the file to be quarantined or deletes it. Most of the Antivirus software perform well to their highest level with the help of user access on your operating system.

Some of the Antivirus software fails to detect malicious files due to the time taken to perform the cleanup operation. A malicious hacker can easily disable your Antivirus software and enter your operating system.

A directory junction for the Windows operating system can join two directories. It does not require admin access, and therefore it is a better option to exploit Antivirus software that can be used on the Windows operating system. 

Symlink or symbolic link is compatible with Linux and macOS for gaining access by an unprivileged user. It is unable to delete some important files of the Antivirus software that is ineffective or remarked as corrupted files for your operating system. Some Antivirus software can delete files over a system reboot.

Let’s peep into some of the best Antivirus software.

  • Avast Antivirus software was one of the award-winning product in 2019. Avast Free Antivirus software is used by millions of users worldwide. This software scans for security and performance issues. Avast provides real-time protection against all types of threats.
  • McAfee is also a best-rated Antivirus software. It can give protection to a number of devices and is also capable of fixing security issues remotely. McAfee prevents spam and malware from entering into your system.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus software can provide ultimate protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and adware. It keeps your data safe while surfing online. 
  • Norton prevents unknown threats and prevents hacker infiltration. It can automatically backup your data to the cloud. Norton protects your online credentials from being hacked.
  • The ESET Antivirus software prevents thefts and blocks the latest virus threats. If any viruses enter into your device, ESET quarantines your files by encrypting them.