Fix Windows Key Not Working On Windows 10

How To Fix WinKey Not Working On Windows 10?

On a Windows computer or laptop, the Windows key is very useful. Using this key with other key combinations, you can perform various operations like opening the Start menu, locking the computer, and more. But, if the Windows key is not working on your Windows 10 computer, you can’t use the keyboard shortcuts. To fix Windows key not working on Windows 10, try the simple troubleshooting instructions given below.

  • Windows key is damaged mechanically or electrically
  • Windows key is turned off
  • Outdated or incompatible installation of keyboard drivers
  • Debris stuck in between the keys
Fix Windows Key Not Working On Windows 10

Troubleshooting Method

Before performing the troubleshooting method, open the on-screen keyboard because it helps you to navigate and select the menus easily. 

  • On the Settings screen, select the Ease of Access option.
  • Go to the Interaction section and click Keyboard. Now, enable the Use the On-Screen Keyboard option by clicking the toggle button beside it.

Method 1: Clear The Debris 

  • In most cases, these kinds of issues occur due to debris stuck in your keyboard. So, as the first step of troubleshooting, clear it. 
  • To clear the debris from your keyboard, you can use compressed air.
  • After clearing the debris, check whether the keyboard is working.
  • If not, perform the next method given below to fix windows key not working on windows 10.

Method 2: Running The Windows 10 Keyboard Troubleshooter

  • On the Settings screen, click on the Update Security option.
  • Select Troubleshoot Additional Troubleshooters.
  • Go to the Keyboard section and click on the Run the troubleshooter button.
  • Wait for the troubleshooting process to complete.
  • Once it is done, check whether the Windows key is working. If not, try the next method given below.

Method 3: Disabling The Game Mode

When you have enabled the Game mode feature, your computer’s resources such as CPU and GPU are given priority to the game access. This may also block the Windows key from working in normal mode.

  • Select the Gaming option from the Settings screen.
  • Go to the Game Mode section and disable it by clicking the toggle button.
  • Now check whether the issue is fixed. If not follow the next method to fix windows key not working on windows 10

Method 4: Updating The Keyboard Drivers

  • Open the Device Manager window.
  • Locate the Keyboard section and expand it.
  • Choose your keyboard and right-click on it.
  • Click on the Update driver button.
  • Update the keyboard driver by following the on-screen instructions.

Method 5: Reinstalling The Keyboard Drivers

If the update process doesn’t resolve the Winkey not working on Windows 10 issue, then reinstall the keyboard drivers.

  • Select and right-click on your keyboard drivers on the Device Manager screen.
  • Click Uninstall device Uninstall.
  • If prompted, restart your computer.
  • After your Windows 10 computer restarts, reinstall the keyboard drivers.

Now you have seen how to fix Windows key not working on Windows 10 issue. For any Windows issues, Contact us by clicking the Call button provided on this page.