How Do I Get My Webroot Keycode?

How Do I Get My Webroot Keycode?

Webroot antivirus is one of the best software that offers protection for your device at a low price. This antivirus application has some standard features including password manager, cloud storage, etc.On this page, we’ll see solution for how do i get my Webroot keycode. The Webroot keycode or license key is provided during the purchase of the full version of the Webroot application.

How Do I Get My Webroot Keycode?, follow the below instructions.

  • The primary location to look for the Webroot keycode is the software box
  • If you’re unable to find it on the software box, then go to the Webroot’s redownloads page.
  • Type your last name and the email address that you used during the Webroot product purchase.
  • Click on the checkbox beside the “I need Webroot to email me my product keycode…” option.
  • Now, click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.
  • e Webroot antivirus application will be re-downloaded on your computer and the product’s keycode will be emailed to the registered email address

If you’re unable to find the keycode of your Webroot application, then perform the following instructions based on your OS type.

For Windows

  • Launch the Webroot application.
  • Go to the My Account section.
  • In the opened My Account window, the keycode and other details about your product will be displayed.

For Mac

  • In the menu bar of your Mac computer, click on the Webroot icon.
  • Select the Open Webroot SecureAnywhere option.
  • Click My Account in the opened window.
  • Note down the keycode of your Webroot application from the displayed screen.

For iOS

  • Make sure that the SecureWeb app is installed on your iOS device.
  • Launch the app. 
  • Type the credentials that you used during the Webroot application purchase.
  • As soon as you sign in, the keycode and the subscription details of the product will be displayed on the screen.
  • In case the SecureWeb app doesn’t display your keycode, then use the Backup & Sync app.

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