How do I Install Norton Utilities?

How to Install Norton Utilities?

Here are the how do I Install Norton Utilities guidelines to install Norton Utilities on your computer.

  • Purchase ‘Norton Utilities Premium’ from ‘’ and download it on your computer.
  • Navigate to the Norton official page and sign in to your Norton account.
  • Go to the Order History page, navigate to the Norton Utilities section, and click the Order Number button. You will find the product key in the ‘Order Details’ section.
  • Run the Norton Utilities Premium installer on your computer as an administrator. Click the ‘I agree’ button.
  • Set a destination folder for Norton Utilities and then click Next.
  • Wait until Norton Utilities is installed on your computer and then click Finish.
  • Norton Utilities prompts you to restart the computer. Click Restart. When the computer restarts, the Norton product prompts you to enter the activation code. Enter it and then click Activate Now.
  • This completes the how do I Install Norton Utilities and activation procedure.

how do I Install Norton Utilities

Where is the Activation Code for Norton Utilities?  

Here are the guidelines to find the Norton Utilities activation code.

  • Take a look at your Norton Utilities CD box. It should typically be located on the rear side of the CD box.
  • Go to your email inbox and open the email from Norton regarding the product purchase. There should be an activation code in it or go through how do I Install Norton Utilities guide. 
  • Go to your Norton account and click Help My Norton.
  • Navigate to the My Subscription tab and click the Norton Antivirus Utilities application. 
  • The Norton Utilities product key is displayed.             
Install Norton Utilities

How to Reinstall Norton Utilities?

Follow these how do I Install Norton Utilities guidelines to reinstall Norton Utilities on your computer.

  • Navigate to’ on your web browser.
  • Save the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool on your computer. Run the RNR tool as an administrator.
  • Click Yes to allow Norton to make changes to your computer. Click ‘Agree’ and then click ‘Remove & Reinstall.’
  • The Norton RNR tool displays a message stating that the Norton product will be uninstalled and reinstalled. Click Continue.
  • The RNR tool downloads the Norton product’s installer and at the same time, deletes the Norton product from the computer.
  • Click ‘Restart Now’ when the ‘Uninstall Complete’ message appears. When the computer restarts, the Norton product’s installation begins automatically.
  • Click Yes. Read the Norton product’s T&C and then click the ‘Agree and Install’ button. The Norton product is now installed on your computer.

Norton Utilities Duplicate File Finder  

Follow these how do I Install Norton Utilities guidelines to delete the duplicate files by using the Norton Utilities duplicate file finder.

  • Launch Norton Utilities by double-clicking the Norton desktop icon.
  • Go to the Recovery Home window and click ‘Find Duplicate Files.’
  • Set the directories/folder paths to be scanned in the ‘Select locations to scan’ option and then navigate to ‘Select Filtering options.’
  • Select All files but click the ‘Exclude Common Application Files’ option to ensure that duplicate system files are not deleted. Deleting these files can cause the operating system to function abnormally. Make sure that this Clean my PC option is selected.
  • If you need to delete duplicate movies, images, documents, archives, or music, configure the ‘Custom File Types’ option.
  • You can also search for a specific deleted file by setting the ‘Scan for file name or type’ option.
  • Click the 'Start Scan' button and wait until the scan is completed.
  • Click the ‘Select one in each group’ option to select a duplicate from each folder. If you have incorrectly selected the files, use the ‘Deselect all’ option to start over.
  • Once you have made your duplicate file selections, click the 'All Items' button to view the files that you have selected. 
  • After reviewing the files that have been selected, click the ‘Delete File(s)’ option. 
Installing Norton Utilities

Remove Norton Utilities 16 Setup  

Here are the guidelines to remove Norton Utilities 16 from your computer.   

  • Launch Norton Utilities 16 on your computer and minimize the window.
  • Go to the desktop. Press the CTRL, ALT, and DEL keys at the same time to view the Task Manager option.
  • Alternatively, right-click a blank space in the taskbar to view the Task Manager option on a list. Click Task Manager.
  • The Norton Utilities SpeedDisk service folder opens. Click the Norton Utilities 16 line at the top of the folder path to view the Norton Utilities 16 folder’s contents. Click the Program Files option at the top to see all the programs' folders.
  • Return to the Task Manager window. Right-click a Norton application service and choose End task. Do this for all Norton application services so that there is no conflict when uninstalling Norton Utilities from the computer.
  • Go to Start Control Panel Apps & Programs/Programs & Features Uninstall a Program. Choose Norton Utilities 16 and click the Uninstall option.
  • Right-click on a space inside the ‘Uninstall a Program’ window and click Refresh. The Norton Utilities 16 application will no longer appear.
  • Alternatively, follow this method to uninstall Norton Utilities using its uninstaller. Go to Norton Utilities’ main folder. Open C Program Files Norton Utilities 16.
  • Locate the unins000 file and right-click it. Choose ‘Run as administrator’ from the list. Click Yes to confirm the Norton Utilities 16 uninstallation.
  • Restart the computer once the installation is complete, repeat how do I Install Norton Utilities steps. Call our technical support team if you need help with deleting Norton Utilities 16 registry files.