How Does Antivirus Software Reduce Security Risks?

Antivirus software is nothing but an application that acts as real-time protection on your computer. Installing Antivirus software on your computer protects the device from known and unknown threats like spyware, malware, ransomware, worms, and Trojans. It scans your computer for any virus-infected files and eliminates them to safeguard your computer.Continue reading to know how does antivirus software reduce security risks.

how does antivirus software reduce security risks

Below are the symptoms of a virus-infected computer.

  • Slow performance of the computer
  • Slow booting time
  • Frequent damage or deletion of files
  • Reformatted hard disks
  • Frequent computer crashes
  • Data loss

Antivirus software provides countless protection features to your computer. It offers Web protection, adware protection, protection from external devices, firewall protection, etc. If you have a spam email on your mailbox, there could be a chance for the spam email to be a phishing email. The firewall protection of your Antivirus software secures your device from phishing emails and hackers trying to access your essential data. Continue reading for this page to know how does antivirus software reduce security risks.

The following are the tasks performed by the Antivirus software against spams and malware on your computer.

  • Scheduling automatic scans
  • Scanning your entire computer at your discretion
  • Deleting malicious codes and software
  • Confirming the computer’s safety
  • Determining the files for the detection of malicious software

For Windows, Microsoft provides the built-in Antivirus software --- Windows Defender. It is best to monitor the network and other services on your computer using the built-in Antivirus software. The firewall provides more protection features like Virus & threat protection, Account protection, Firewall & network protection, App & browser control, Device security, and Device performance & health. Unlike Microsoft Windows, Apple does not have any built-in Antivirus software. It is because the hardware and software components are more secure by default. Security risks are found more in Windows computers compared to Macintosh. If necessary, you can install any trusted third-party antivirus software such as Bitdefender, Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, ESET, Quick Heal, and Sophos. Finally know how does antivirus software reduce security risks.