How does Trend Micro Deep Security Work?

What is Trend Micro Deep Security?

  • First, check if you have installed the Trend Micro Deep Security software on your computer correctly.
  • To know how to use the Trend Micro Security software, launch the application and follow the how does Trend Micro Deep Security Work instructions given below.
  • If you want to scan your computer, then select the scan type from the drop-down menu.
  • You can find the Real-time Scan, Quick Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan, Scheduled Scan, and Manual Scan options.
  • Choose the scan type you wish to perform and follow the on-screen instructions.  
how does Trend Micro Deep Security Work

Firewall Ports of Trend Micro Deep Security 

  • The port type may vary by software features. The default port type of the Deep Security application is 443/HTTPs.
  • The service destination ports of Deep Security are classified into four types.
  • 80/HTTP & 443/HTTPs - AWS API, Google Cloud Platform, and Smart Protection Network services.
  • 514/Syslog* - SIEM (Syslog Server Port).
  • 4118/HTTPS* - Deep Security Agent port.
  • 4122/HTTPS* - Deep Security Relay port.

Downloading Trend Micro Deep Security Manager

  • Sign in to the Trend Security web page from your system.
  • Choose the software file you wish to download.
  • Make sure to select the correct operating system from the drop-down menu.
  • After selecting, click the Download button.
  • Wait for the download process to complete.
  • Once the download is complete, install the Trend Micro Security software on your system, and utilize its functions as per your need using how does Trend Micro Deep Security Work guide. 

How to Change Trend Micro Deep Security Manager Default Password?

  • The default password of the Trend Micro Deep Security Manager is admin. You can easily change the default password of the Trend Micro Deep Security Manager by following the how does Trend Micro Deep Security Work instructions given below. 
  • Sign in to your Trend Micro Deep Security Manager using the default credentials.
  • Click the Administration tab.
  • Choose the Change Password under the Administration tab.
  • Fill the Old Password, New Password & Confirm Password fields, and click the Save button.
Trend Micro Security


Do I Need Windows Firewall If I Have Trend Micro?   

Windows firewall is not required if you have Trend micro on your system. You do not have to manually enable your windows firewall if you have installed trend Micro software. Once you install the Trend Micro Antivirus program, the Windows firewall will disable automatically. This is done in order to avoid any conflicts between the two firewall. 

How To Add User In Trend Micro Deep Security?

  • Open the Trend Deep Security Manager on your system and navigate to the Administration menu. 
  • Select the User Management option followed by the how does Trend Micro Deep Security Work Users option. 
  • Once the General Properties window for a new user appears, you have to key in the username, password, name, description, their role, language, time zone, and the time format. 
  • Tick the box near the Password Never Expires option. Enable or disable MFA based on their choice. 
  • Enter the necessary Clean my PC contact information and tick the box available next to the Receive Trend Micro Security Alert Emails option. 
  • Tap the Save button, and the new user will be added. 

How To Solve Trend Deep Security Anti Malware Engine Offline Issue?

  • Navigate to the Policies tab once you open the interface on your system. 
  • Select the Deep Security Virtual Appliance Policy option followed by the Details option. 
  • Choose the Anti-Malware option and then go to the General tab. 
  • Click the Anti-Malware State option followed by the Save option. 
  • Search for the Deep Security Virtual Appliance folder from My Computers. 
  • Right-click on it to select the Send Policies option available under the Action menu. 
  • Finally, right-click on it again and choose the Clear Warning/Errors option under the Action menu. 
  • Restart the computer after carrying out the above-given how does Trend Micro Deep Security Work process. 
  • If your issue is not resolved, then talk to the technical team and sort out the engine offline issue.