How To Delete Sophos Antivirus Mac

How To Remove Sophos Antivirus Mac

You can use any one of the procedures how to delete Sophos antivirus Mac computer.

Deleting The Sophos Antivirus Using a Removal Tool

  • Download and install the Remove Sophos Antivirus software on your Mac computer.
  • Open the Applications window, find the Remove Sophos Antivirus software, and double-click it.
  • This will launch the Remove Sophos Antivirus software on the Mac computer.
  • As soon as you see the main interface of this software, click the Continue button.
  • If you see any prompt dialog box on the Mac computer, type the administrator name and password in the respective fields.
  • After clicking the OK button, wait until you see the ‘The removal was successful’ message on the screen.
  • Click the Close button to exit the Remove Sophos Antivirus software.
How To Delete Sophos Antivirus Mac

Manually Deleting The Sophos Antivirus Software

  • On your Mac computer, click the Go tab and select the Applications option.
  • Search for the Sophos Antivirus application and then right-click its icon.
  • Select the Move to Trash option.
  • If prompted, fill the Username and Password fields with the correct administrator name and password.
  • Once you click the OK button, the Sophos Antivirus software moves to the Trash folder.
  • Click the Trash icon in the dock tray and ensure that the Sophos Antivirus is moved to the Trash folder.
  • If you wish to remove the Sophos Antivirus software from the Trash folder, select its icon and remove it by clicking the Empty Trash button.
  • Also, move the Remove Sophos Antivirus and Sophos Antivirus Home Edition applications to the Trash folder.
  • Once done with deleting the Sophos Antivirus software, click the Apple icon on the desktop of the Mac computer and select the Restart option.
  • If any prompt dialog box appears on the screen, click the Restart button. This will restart the Mac computer.
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