Webroot Antivirus

How to Disable Webroot Antivirus

How to Disable Webroot Antivirus

The Webroot Antivirus software functions in a much different manner when compared to its competitors. Instead of using the typical antivirus signature database, it operates using metadata and behavioral patterns. The antivirus software functions by calculating a simple numeric hash for every file it scans. It then compares the file with its online database and sees whether it has been recognized as good or bad.

Webroot offers three Antivirus software packages that come under the brand name, “SecureAnywhere.” The different software from Webroot are listed here:

  • SecureAnywhere Antivirus
  • SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus
  • SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete

Sometimes, you might have to disable your Webroot Antivirus program temporarily. If you want to do the same on a Windows computer, follow the instructions provided here:

  • On the Windows taskbar, click the arrow icon in order to expand the notification area menu.
  • Next, find the Webroot Antivirus icon and then right-click on it. You will now see a new menu pop up.
  • From the menu, locate the Shut down Protection option and then click on it.
  • Now, the Webroot SecureAnywhere dialog box will pop up on the screen. In this dialog box, you will be asked if you really wish to shut down the SecureAnywhere Antivirus package. You will be asked for confirmation because shutting down the Antivirus package will stop all real-time protection. Shutting down SecureAnywhere Antivirus also means the end of proactive malware defense on your computer.
  • Since you have decided to disable the Webroot Antivirus software, click on the Yes button in the dialog box.
  • Clicking on the Yes button will confirm the disabling of the Webroot Antivirus program.
  • You have now successfully disabled the Webroot Antivirus software.

We have now discussed the features of the Webroot Antivirus program, and more importantly, we have seen the procedure to disable the software temporarily.