How To Install Antivirus In Laptop Windows 10?

Install Antivirus In Laptop Windows 10

Antivirus or Anti-malware is an application that helps you to prevent your computer from harmful threats or malware. Once you run the antivirus application on your laptop or desktop computer, it will start to detect the malware and other threats present on it, and suggest a virus removal process.Windows Defender is an inbuilt application available on almost all Windows operating systems. Features of Windows Defender include delivering comprehensive scan results, performing real-time protection, etc. Other than Windows Defender, some of the third-party antivirus applications available for the Windows 10 computer are discussed below.

  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Malwarebytes Premium
  • Bitdefender Internet Security
  • F- Secure SAFE
  • ESET NOD32
  • Norton Security

The section below explains How To Install Antivirus In Laptop Windows 10 applications listed above.

How To Install Antivirus In Laptop Windows 10

Kaspersky Internet Security

This is an internet security application that protects your computer from malware and helps you perform safe browsing, mailing, and other processes. The installation and activation of the Kaspersky Internet Security application are quite easy and simple. 

  • First, download the Kaspersky Internet Security application installation file from its official site.
  • Launch the downloaded Kaspersky installation file.
  • Click the Continue button on the initial screen of the installation process.
  • Accept the End User License Agreement and Kaspersky Security Network Statement conditions when prompted.
  • On the Everything is ready for the installation screen, click the Install button.
  • Perform the prompts displayed on the installation screen to complete the installation.
  • Enter the activation code correctly when prompted.
  • After entering the activation code, set the security preferences by selecting the options displayed on the screen.
  • Click the Apply button followed by Done.
  • The Kaspersky Internet Security application is now installed successfully on your Windows 10 computer.

Norton Security

  • Norton Security is one of the top-rated antivirus application that uses signatures and heuristics to identify threats or malware present on your Windows 10 computer. This application’s cross-platform security provides real-time malware protection, personal firewall, email spam filtering, and phishing protection.
  • The guidelines given below will assist you in installing the Norton Security application on your Windows 10 computer in the S mode.
  • The Windows 10 computer comes with the S mode feature that lets you download the application only from the Store instead of downloading it from the unreliable sites.
  • You have to use Microsoft Edge while browsing.

Steps to install the Norton Security application on Windows 10 

  • Make sure that you have a Norton account.
  • If not, navigate to the Norton account login page.
  • Click the Create Account tab.
  • Follow the prompts displayed on the screen to complete the account creation process.
  • If you already have the Norton account, click the Sign in tab on the login page.
  • Enter your Norton account credentials in the given fields.
  • Click the Login button.
  • On your Norton account web interface, search for the Norton Security application and select it.
  • Click the Download button.
  • Now, the window displaying the Get it from Microsoft button will appear on the screen.
  • Click it. Now you will be directed to the Microsoft Store page.
  • Click the Get button.
  • Enter your Norton account credentials when prompted.
  • Proceed with the on-screen prompts to complete the Norton Security product download process.
  • Once it is done, open the downloaded file and perform the installation or How To Install Antivirus In Laptop Windows 10.


  • Navigate to the ESET NOD32 antivirus application page.
  • Enter your email address in the given text field.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Now, an email with the installation file link and other details will be sent by the ESET NOD32 manufacturer.
  • Open the email message and perform the instructions as instructed.
  • Click the Call or Call Us button if you need remote assistance in how To Install Antivirus In Laptop Windows 10 computer.