How to Install Antivirus In USB Flash Drive?

How to Install your Antivirus In USB Flash Drive?

To know how to install antivirus in usb flash drive, follow the instructions given below.

  • First, download the Avast Cleaner & Removal tool from the official site.
  • After downloading the Avast Cleaner & Removal Tool, insert your USB drive to the computer’s USB port.
  • Now your USB drive is named as a removable drive on the computer.
  • Click Search on the Charms bar and type the keyword “Computer”.
  • Locate and double-click your Removable Drive.
  • Now the removable drive (USB drive) windows will open on the install antivirus on usb flash drive screen.
  • Select and drag the Avast Tool icon from the desktop to the Removable drive window.
  • Now the Avast Cleaner and Removal Tool is installed on your USB drive.
  • Open the EXE file placed on the removable drive window and click the Start Scanning option to begin the Scan process using how to install antivirus in usb flash drive guide.
how to install antivirus in usb flash drive

How to Make a Bootable USB Antivirus Drive?

To make a Bootable USB Antivirus drive, perform the procedure given below.

  • Download the ISO image of the Kaspersky antivirus rescue disc along with its utility.
  • The Kaspersky antivirus utility will allow you to record the rescue disk to a USB device.
  • Insert the USB drive into the Windows system and format it to clear all information present in it.
  • Open the downloaded Kaspersky rescue file and click the Run button on the Security Warning screen.
  • Click the Install button. Open the downloaded ISO Image file on your Windows system when prompted.
  • Select your removable drive in the drop-down menu and click the Start button.
  • Wait for the recording process to complete.
  • Once the recording process is done, check your USB drive, and make sure that it contains the system files along with the rescue folder.
  • That’s it; the Bootable USB antivirus drive is created successfully.

How to Run Antivirus From Usb Drive?

Do the following steps to run Antivirus from a USB drive.

  • Download any Antivirus software from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The downloaded antivirus software is stored on the hard drive of your computer.
  • Insert your USB drive and double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • Choose a location to save the installed software.
  • Now, move the USB drive from a clean computer to the corrupted one.
  • From the corrupted computer, double-click the executable antivirus software on the USB drive.
  • Select the driver which you need to scan and run the scanning operation as per the how to install antivirus in usb flash drive instructions displayed on the screen.
  • If you do not select the location, the C drive partition is chosen as the default location.

Procedure to remove virus from USB without antivirus

  • Ensure that a back up of data on the USB drive is available to restore the data that is going to be deleted while removing the virus from USB.
  • If your computer does not have any Antivirus software to remove the virus, you can perform the install antivirus on usb flash drive steps below to remove the virus from USB without an Antivirus software on Windows 10.
  • Click the PC shortcut icon on the main screen of the computer.
  • Go to Settings, click the Devices tab, and select the AutoPlay option from the list that displays on the left control panel of the screen.
  • Click the AutoPlay toggle icon to turn off the AutoPlay feature.
  • Click the Down Arrow icon under the Removable drive bar and select the Take no action option from the given list.
  • Also, choose the Take no action from the given list under the Memory card bar.
  • Close or exit the Device settings window and click the Drive Tools tab from the File Manager window.
  • Open the Format NTPS Formatted Drive window and click the Start button to start formatting the drive. It will erase all the data from the USB drive.
  • Select the OK button when the confirmation window pops up on the screen.
  • Choose the OK button to close the Format Complete window.
  • Now, the virus from the USB drive is gets removed by formatting the drive.

How do i Download Avast Antivirus Onto a USB?

Proceed with the following how to install antivirus in usb flash drive steps to install Avast Antivirus onto a USB.

  • Open the default web browser.
  • Go to the official website of Avast Cleaner and Removal tool and click the Download button to download Avast Antivirus.
  • To save the downloaded executable file to your hard drive, click the Save or Save As button.
  • After inserting your USB drive into a computer’s USB port, open the Charms bar, and click the Search option.
  • Enter Computer in the search bar and click the Search icon to start searching it.
  • Click the Computer link when the search results display on the screen.
  • To view the contents of the USB drive in the next window, select the Removable Drive icon.
  • Drag and drop the executable file of Avast Cleaner and Removal tool onto the USB drive window.
  • Now, the executable file of Avast Cleaner and Removal Tool is saved onto the USB drive.
  • Once you complete the copying process, double-click the file and select the Start Scanning option to start scanning the virus.