Avg Antivirus Installation Guide 

Avg Antivirus Installation Guide 

The AVG Antivirus software is useful to protect your computer from viruses and threat. It will also help you protect your confidential data. You can also access the advanced features to scan your email to find the spam messages. Proceed with the procedure mentioned below to install the AVG Antivirus software on your Windows and Mac.     

How To Install The Avg Antivirus On Windows 10

  • On Windows 10 computer, click the Google Chrome icon on the task tray.
  • Visit the AVG Antivirus web page and then select the PC tab on the top panel of the screen.
  • Select the AVG Antivirus FREE in the Protection section.
  • Scroll the page and click the FREE Download button.
  • Select the Continue button when you get the ‘You’re protected’ message on the screen.
  • Select the No Thanks button on the bottom of the screen when you see the ‘Protect your mobile for FREE too’ window.
  • Select the Scan Computer button.
  • Now, your AVG Antivirus program begins to scan your computer.       

How To Install Avg Antivirus On Mac 

Follow these Adware Removal guidelines to remove Mackeeper from your Mac computer.

  • Download the AVG Antivirus software on your Mac computer.
  • Select the AVG Antivirus icon to open.
  • Select the Install AVG Antivirus option on the main screen of the AVG Antivirus program.
  • Click the Continue button when you see the ‘This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed’ message on the screen.
  • Select the Continue on the ‘Welcome to the AVG Antivirus installer’ window.
  • Click Agree Continue Install and then enter the administrator name and the password.
  • After entering the administrator credentials on the ‘Installer is trying to install new software’ window, click the Install Software button.
  • Once the installation process is over, the AVG Antivirus program will open. 

How To Install Avg On Firestick

The compatible Operating Systems for AVG Antivirus software are Windows 10, 8, 7, Android, and Apple iOS. You cannot install the AVG Antivirus software on Firestick.

  How To Install Avg Secure Vpn 

  • Sign into your system as the Administrator. Check if there are any other applications running in the background. If so, close it. 
  • Download the VPN Setup file from the manufacturer’s site and save it to your computer. 
  • From the downloaded location, right-click on the .exe setup file and select the Run As Administrator option. 
  • Click Yes in the UAC window and then choose a language. 
  • Read through the License Agreement and then click on the I Accept the Agreement option. 
  • Next, specify the Destination Location. You can also make use of the Browse button to choose the location. 
  • Click Install in the next step. The files will be extracted, wait until the VPN is installed. 
  • Enable the Online Privacy option using the slide bar present near it. 
  • To activate it, launch the My AVG interface on your system. 
  • Choose the My Subscription option followed by the Enter a Valid Activation Code option. 
  • Specify the activation code in the next screen and tap the Enter button. 
  • Click Continue after checking the subscription details and then tap Close. 

How To Install Avg Zen 

  • Download the AVG Zen on your device and install it using the prompts displayed. 
  • If you have already purchased a subscription for AVG Internet Security, then you can use the credentials to log into Zen. 
  • After you log in, you can add devices to the network using the following instructions. 
  • Launch the AVG Zen app and click the + button on the main screen. 
  • Select the Device Type to which you wish to send an invite. 
  • Key in the Email Address of the recipient and click Continue in the next step. 
  • The device will be added and will display the status as Pending until the device connects once. 
  • The installation procedure and the invitation will be sent to a particular device. 
  • Make use of these steps to install the Zen app. Specify the Invitation Code and connect your device. 

How To Install Avg Antivirus With Product Key

First, go to the official site and download the AVG Antivirus software on your computer.

  • Select the My AVG option available at the top of the screen. 
  • Choose the My Subscription option and then click the Ready to Buy? Please Click Here option. 
  • Make use of the guidelines displayed on your screen to select a subscription of your choice. 
  • After paying for the plan, you will receive an Email regarding your purchase. 
  • The License Number required to activate your product will be available there. 
  • Navigate to My Subscription again and select the Enter License option. 
  • Enter the License Key correctly. The AVG Antivirus product will now be activated.