How To Install Hitman Pro

How To Install Hitman Pro

Here are the guidelines to install Hitman Pro on your computer.

  • Navigate to the manufacturer’s site and look for the Free 30 Day Trial button. If you need to use the full version, click the Buy Now option. 
  • Enter the payment information and then click the Download button.
  • Wait until Hitman Pro is downloaded on your computer and then double-click the file.
  • Follow the Hitman Pro installer’s on-screen prompts to install the program on your computer. 

Hitmanpro Boot Drive Scan

Here are the guidelines to perform boot drive scan on Hitman Pro.

  • Download the Hitman Pro application on your computer from the manufacturer’s official site.
  • Launch the Hitman Pro installer by double-clicking the file which was downloaded.
  • Click the checkbox beside the T&C agreement clause and then click Next.
  • Ensure that the ‘Yes, create a copy of HitmanPro so I can regularly scan this computer(recommended)’ radio button is selected.
  • Click the checkboxes below so that the application scans the computer during startup, a desktop shortcut is created, and a Start menu shortcut is created. Click Next.
  • Follow the rest of the Hitman Pro on-screen prompts to remove the threats from your computer.

Hitman Pro Detecting a File That i Believe Is Not Malicious

If Hitman Pro detects a file that you know is not malicious, scan the folder once again with Hitman Pro. When the Hitman Pro scan is complete, click the Save Log button and send it to the Hitman Pro support mail id. 

Get Hitman Pro Product Key

  • Navigate to the manufacturer’s site and look for the latest version of Hitman Pro.
  • Click the Buy Now option and key in the payment information.
  • After downloading Hitman Pro on your computer, double-click the Hitman Pro installer to begin the installation.
  • Set the required preferences on the Hitman Pro dashboard and then go to the License tab.
  • Go to your email inbox on a browser and look for the activation code from Hitman Pro.
  • Enter this activation code in the Product Key field and click Activate. Ensure that the computer is connected to the internet when you perform this step.
  • Now, Hitman Pro is activated.

  Hitman Pro Lost Product Key

If you have lost the Hitman Pro product key, go to the Hitman Pro online shop and key in your email address. Type the verification captcha characters and click Next. You will receive the Hitman Pro product key in your email inbox.  

Hitman Pro Error Message 20

  If you see an error code 20 when activating Hitman Pro, follow these guidelines to fix it. 

  • Go to the Proxy tab on the Hitman Pro application and ensure that the No proxy radio button is selected.
  • Launch Hitman Pro in the force breach mode. Press and hold the CTRL key. Without letting go of the button, double-click the Hitman Pro icon. Let go of the CTRL key after the Hitman Pro application is launched.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab and check whether the activation works. 
  • If the error code 20 persists, restart the computer in Safe mode with networking and then try activating the application.
  • However, if you are unable to bypass the Hitman Pro error code 20, contact our tech support team.

  How To Uninstall Hitman Pro

Here are the guidelines to uninstall Hitman Pro from your computer.

  • Move the cursor to the bottom section of the desktop screen.
  • Open the Start menu and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Click the System Apps & Feature and then select Hitman Pro.
  • Choose the Uninstall option and then click OK.
  • Now, wait until Hitman Pro is uninstalled and restart the computer.