How To Recover Files Deleted By Webroot Antivirus?

The Webroot SecureAnywhere (WSA) antivirus software protects your computer and data stored on it from all kinds of threats. This antivirus software is compatible with both the Windows and Mac operating systems. During the virus removal process, there is a chance for your files to get deleted by Webroot Antivirus. If your files have been deleted by Webroot, then try the following instructions to know how to recover files deleted by webroot antivirus.

how to recover files deleted by webroot antivirus

For Windows:

  • First, check the Recycle Bin folder for the deleted files. But, before an Optimization, if you have selected the Medium or Maximum settings as the Secure File Removal feature, then the deleted file can’t be recovered. In short, it will be deleted permanently from your computer. If you haven’t selected any one of these settings, then you can use a recovery utility to restore the deleted files. Continue reading to know how to recover files deleted by webroot antivirus.
  • If the deleted files are not found in the Recycle Bin folder, then use the Recovery utility to restore the deleted files.
  • At the same time, the chance to recover the files that are deleted using Webroot SecureAnywhere is less because it doesn’t have any direct options to recover the deleted files.

For Mac:

When WSA removes the threats from your Mac, all the files associated with the detected threats are also deleted. So, the operations related to that particular threat are disabled and moved to quarantine. If required, you can delete or restore the files stored in quarantine. To restore the files from quarantine, follow the below instructions.

  • Open Webroot SecureAnywhere.
  • Click the gear icon beside the Mac Security option.
  • Go to the Quarantine tab.
  • Select the file(s) you want by clicking the checkbox beside it and click Restore.
  • Now, all the selected files will be moved to their original location.
  • To check it, visit the original location of all the restored files.
  • Finally, you know how to recover files deleted by webroot antivirus.