How To Remove General Cache Form MAC

Remove Your General Cache from Mac System

Temporary files are stored on your computer as cache and they also consume some storage space on your hard drive. Cache data occupies a large amount of device memory on a Mac computer. Although it is good to have the cache stored on your Mac for easy access, if you have the cache accumulated over a long period of time, your Mac computer may slow down. In such cases, you have to restart your Mac computer and delete the cache. Carry out the steps given below to remove general cache from Mac computer.

Clearing system cache:

  • Turn on your Mac computer and press the Command + Shift + G buttons together to open the Finder.
  • Otherwise, click on the Finder icon on the dock to launch the window.
  • Make sure to close all the open files before removing caches from your Mac computer.
  • In the Go to Folder window, type ~/Library/Caches in the Search section. Then, click on the Go button.
  • Now, you can see all the cache files stored as temporary files and to remove general cache from Mac.
  • Press the Command + A buttons together to select all the files. 
  • Now, press the Command and delete buttons together to remove the cache files permanently.
  • When prompted to enter your Mac password for confirmation, enter the password correctly in the appropriate section.
  • If some files are not deleted, reboot your computer and try the same process again to remove all the general cache files.
  • If you don’t want to permanently delete the cache, select the cache you want to remove and press the Delete key.
  • You can later delete the files from the Trash folder.
  • Reboot your Mac computer after removing the cache files. 
  • If you want to clear cache in Safe mode, turn on your Mac computer and press the Shift key and hold it until you see the Apple logo.
  • If you find that the disk is encrypted, enter the username and password of your Mac computer. 
  • Now, you can clear the cache from your computer manually.

Clearing browser Cache:

  • If you use the Safari app for browsing, launch the application.
  • Make sure to close all other applications running on your Mac computer.
  • Now, click the Preferences menu at the top left corner of the screen next to the Apple icon.
  • Select Advanced and checkmark the Show Develop menu option.
  • When the Develop menu appears, select the Empty cache option.
  • Otherwise, press the Alt + Command + E buttons together to remove the cache from your browser. Then, close the browser and relaunch it.
  • If you are using the Chrome browser, select the More icon on the top right corner of the window.
  • Select the More tools option from the displayed list.
  • Now, click Clear Browsing data and checkmark the cache box.
  • If you want to remove history and cookies, select the respective checkboxes and delete them.
  • Now, you are successfully remove general cache from Mac system.
Remove General Cache From Mac