How To Remove The Crypt Ransomware??

Crypt-ransomware is a harmful program that gets installed on your computer when you visit phishing or infected sites. You can continue with a few simple steps to remove the crypt ransomware from your infected computer. If your device is infected by crypt-ransomware, the program automatically encrypts files stored on the device. When a specific file is encrypted, it will scramble the file's content and make it unreadable. If you want to retrieve the file, you will need a decryption key to unscramble the file. Crypt-ransomware would take files as hostage and demands money in exchange for the decryption key to restore the files. Consider the full procedure that is given below to remove the crypt ransomware.

How To Remove The Crypt Ransomware??

Step 1: Removing the Crypt Ransomware through Safe Mode with Networking

  • On a Windows 7 or Windows XP operating system, boot your computer in Safe Mode.
  • Now, click on the Start menu and press the F8 key continuously. When the computer restarts and displays the Windows Advanced Options screen, select the Safe Mode with Networking option from the displayed list. The Safe mode with networking home screen will now appear.
  • For Windows 8, click the Start menu and select Settings.
  • Now, type Advanced. Select the Advanced Startup option in the General PC Settings window. Now, click on the Restart Now option.
  • When the Advanced Startup Options Menu appears, select Troubleshoot and then select Advanced options.
  • Select Startup Settings in the Advanced Options Screen.
  • When you see the Startup Setting screen, press F5 to start your computer in Safe Mode in Networking.
  • On a Windows 10 computer, click Start.
  • Now, select the Restart option by continuously pressing the Shift key.
  • Select Troubleshoot and then select Advanced Options.
  • Click Startup Settings and select Restart. Now, press the F5 key.
  • In most cases, the crypt ransomware will be removed when the computer boots in safe mode.

Step 2: Deleting the Crypt Ransomware using System Restore

  • If the crypt ransomware is not deleted in Safe mode, you can try a System Restore.
  • Press on the F8 key when the computer starts until the Advanced Options menu appears. Now, select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option and then hit the Enter key.
  • Enter cd restore in the Command Prompt window and then press the Enter key.
  • Now, type rstrui.exe and hit Enter. Now, click Next.
  • Select a restore point and click Next.
  • When a window prompts, click Yes.
  • If the ransomware is not deleted, you can install an anti-malware tool online to remove the crypt ransomware.