How To Scan Iphone With Totalav

How To Scan Iphone Totalav Antivirus?

The TotalAV Antivirus helps in keeping your iOS Photo Library free of junk. This Antivirus removes all the unnecessary duplicates of your pictures, screenshots, and filtered photos. The TotalAV Scan searches your iPad or iPhone Photo Library and highlights the pictures you might not wish to keep. You can then remove such pictures at the click of a button. Follow the steps for how to scan iphone with Totalav.

The TotalAV Antivirus for your iOS edition has limited features, and it is completely free. The battery monitor of the Antivirus reports the remaining time for various activities. The TotalAV Antivirus’ Photo Manager identifies the photos that you might want to delete.

  • After you install the TotalAV Antivirus on your iPhone, it will first scan your device for any threats.
  • This scanning process will take some time, which depends on your disk space and the issues found. Avoid interrupting the scanning process.
  • Once the program analysis is complete, you can see the following options on your screen:
  • Antivirus
  • System Boost
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Web Security
how to scan iphone with Totalav

Using the how to scan iphone with Totalav Antivirus option, you can perform a quick scan, system scan, check the files that are quarantined, or enable real-time protection.The TotalAV Quick Scan performs a basic scan on your browser, folders, cache, and cookies.The TotalAV System Scan performs a complete scan of the entire internal disk.You can launch the Smart Scan from the diagnostic Dashboard. The Smart Scan will do a check of your iPhone for issues and then compile them into individual reports.