How to Scan Mobile using Quick Heal? 

How to Scan Mobile With Quick Heal? 

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Quick Heal app on your device how to scan mobile using Quick Heal guide.
  • Click the Menu button from the Dashboard of the app.
  • Select the Full Scan or the Scan Memory Card option to initiate the scanning process.  
  • After the scan procedure is complete, choose the View Detail option to check if there are any threats found. 
  • Click the Resolve Now option to remove the virus from your mobile device.  

How to download Quick Heal Mobile Antivirus?

  • Unlock your mobile device and go to the Play Store app. 
  • Search for the Quick Heal Total Security app and download it by agreeing to the terms and conditions. 
  • Install it using the prompts that are displayed on the mobile’s screen. 
  • Open the app after installation and configure it based on your choice. 

How to download Quick Heal PC to Mobile Scan?

The Quick Heal Mobile scan is a built-in feature of the Quick Heal Total Security software. This enables to scan and clean the mobile phone through the PC using how to scan mobile using Quick Heal guide. It will find recognize the virus infection and clean it. The Android users can make use of the PC suite or device driver for the process. The iPhone users must install the iTunes application. The Windows phone users must have Microsoft Active Sync 4.5

How to Unlock Screen Password on Quick Heal Mobile Security?

To unlock screen password with Quick Heal Mobile Security, perform the Quick Heal Mobile Antivirus Download guidelines below.

  • First, try to unlock the device by resetting the old password.
  • Touch the Unlock Screen on the Quick Heal Mobile Security Block screen.
  • Next, touch Forgot code in the Enter Password screen.
  • On the Get Temporary Password screen, touch Send.
  • The password will be sent to the contact number that you have given at the time of Clean my PC registration.
  • Now, type the temporary password in the Enter password field and touch the Unlock option.
  • The Reset screen will be displayed. Set a new password and touch Submit.
  • Once the new password is set, the device is unlocked.
  • Second, unlock the device with Google authentication.
  • On the Quick Heal Mobile Security block screen, touch the Unlock screen button using how to scan mobile using Quick Heal guide.
  • Now, the PIN screen will appear. Touch the Forgot PIN option.
  • The Forgot PIN screen appears.
  • Now, touch Google Authentication. Type the correct e-mail ID details on the Google authentication screen.
  • Next, touch the Login button. Now, the mobile will be unlocked.
  • Third, try to unlock via RDM Portal. Launch the Quick Heal Mobile Security application.
  • Next, sign into the RDM portal and key in the proper credentials.
  • Now, send Unlock command to the device that is locked.
  • Once the unlock command is received, the device will be unlocked.

How to use Quick Heal Total Security Product Key for an Android Mobile?

  • First, launch the Quick Heal application.
  • Next, search the Help option on the main screen of the Quick Heal.
  • Click Help and select About.
  • Else, click the Support option.
  • Now, enter the credentials for the product to access the how to scan mobile using Quick Heal License details page. 
how to scan mobile using Quick Heal