How To Spot Fake Antivirus And System Cleaning Apps

  • There are lots of fake applications, websites, and data over the Internet. With these garbage occupying the Internet, it is important to identify them before being a victim of these fake applications, which are actually a serious threat to our privacy. This blog will help you to spot the fake antivirus and system cleaning applications so that you do not have to worry about the trustworthiness of the application you install on your computer.
  • Most of us might have installed an antivirus application on our computer. The modern antivirus applications offer more advanced features such as web protection, parental control, anti-malware, anti-theft, app lock, and more. Some of these features are available only on the premium version of these applications. To purchase the premium version, you have to pay the manufacturer. Once you have purchased the product, you can utilize these features until the subscription period ends. The genuine antivirus applications never ask you to pay extra to use a feature during the product activation period, since all the features come under the initial payment.
  • Usually, when a fake antivirus application is installed on the computer, it will prompt you to perform a full system scan.
  • After the scanning process, the fake antivirus application displays a message similar to Your system is riddled with malicious software, thus creating panic in you. 
  • Now, to resolve this issue the fake antivirus application would prompt you to make a payment. In case you come across such situations, make up your mind that the antivirus application is fake and uninstall it from your computer without any second thought.
  • Similar to the fake antivirus applications, there are fake system cleaning applications available in the market. These cleaning applications pretend to scan and clean the junks present on your computer.
  • But in real-time, these cleaning applications do nothing.
  • Even some of the cleaning applications have the malware built-in. While you access these applications, there is a chance for the malware to corrupt your computer.

Simple tips to download the right antivirus application for your computer:

  • First, decide the right antivirus or cleaner application for your computer.
  • Second, always try to download the antivirus or system cleaning application from its official site.
  • When you download any antivirus application from an untrusted or unauthorized site, there is a chance for you to download a fake application.
  • Usually, antivirus applications don’t ask you to pay amount around $100 to access specific features.
  • Most of the top antivirus application offers almost all advanced features for around $60 per year. 
  • If any application claims that their software is worth over $449, but that you can get it for 94% off, then you should keep one thing in your mind, no one will give you that much stuff for free. 
  • By default, Windows and Mac computers have built-in security features. 
  • Try to understand those features and use them to protect your computer from malware.
  • To identify the fake antivirus application installed on your computer without your knowledge, first, try to run a scan operation.
  • If your computer contains the fake antivirus application, then you may encounter an error during the scan operation.
  • To overcome this issue, restart your computer in Safe mode and perform the scan operation.
  • Try to get experts' advice before downloading and installing the application on your computer.
right antivirus application for your computer