How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus?

How to Uninstall my Avast Antivirus?

  • The steps to Uninstall Avast Antivirus varies depending on the Operating System of your computer.
  • On Windows 10, right-click the Start icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Apps and Features option from the displayed app menu.
  • When the Settings window opens, select the Apps & Features tab on the left panel of the screen.
  • Click the Uninstall button below the Avast Premium Security file.
  • When prompted, click Yes in the User Account Control window.
  • Click Uninstall Yes and wait until the uninstallation process is complete.
  • When you get the’ Avast Free Antivirus Uninstalled’ message on the screen, select Uninstall.
Uninstall Avast Antivirus

How to Disable Avast Antivirus?

  • Go to the task tray that is present at the bottom of the screen. Right-click the Uninstall Avast Antivirus icon. The icon color of the Avast antivirus is orange.
  • Select the Avast Shields Control option and then specify the duration.
  • When prompted, click the Yes button in the Component Setup window.

How to Uninstall my Avast Antivirus for Mac?

  • Select the Avast icon from the Applications folder.
  • Navigate to the Avast tab and then select the Uninstall Avast Premium Security option.
  • When you see the ‘Uninstall Avast?’ message on the screen, click Uninstall.
  • Specify the administrator password in the Password field and click OK.

When you get the Avast Free Antivirus Uninstall Complete information on the window, click Quit to close the Clean my PC program.

How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus for Windows 10?   

To uninstall using a Standard way, do the following steps below.

  • First, if you are using a laptop, check whether the battery is full or above 15%.
  • Make sure to save the open files and disconnect the internet connection from the system.
  • Right-click the Avast icon that is displayed on the taskbar.
  • Move the mouse to the Avast shields control and tap Disable permanently.
  • A pop-up warning will appear for confirmation and tap Yes.
  • Now, the Avast antivirus is off.
  • Go to Windows Settings by pressing Win+I keys and choose the Apps category.
  • Choose Avast Free Antivirus from the list of the installed applications on the system and tap the Uninstall option.
  • Next, tap Uninstall on the pop-up screen.
  • The uninstall confirmation message will appear, tap Yes.
  • Now, restart the computer to refresh.
  • Uninstall Avast antivirus via Control panel.
  • Enter CP in the cortana search field and tap the Control panel the is displayed and open it.
  • Tap the Programs and Features option from the list.
  • In the next window, search the Avast Free Antivirus and choose it.
  • Now, click the Uninstall button at the top of the window.
  • The Avast setup menu will appear on the screen.
  • Tap the Uninstall tab and then click Next.
  • Confirm the uninstallation process, and now the process will begin.
  • The screen will now display the message ‘Uninstall finished.’
  • Next, make use of Avast Software uninstall utility to uninstall Avast.
  • First, download the Avast Software Uninstall Utility from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Next, select the desired location to save the file.
  • Locate the downloaded file and right-click on it, and then choose Run as administrator.
  • Now, the Avast Antivirus clear box will be displayed. 
  • The Avast antivirus box will prompt you to restart the operating system, tap Yes.
  • Now, the Windows will starts to reboot in safe mode.
  • Next, tap Uninstall and then tap Restart computer.

Why I can't Uninstall my Avast Antivirus?   

To troubleshoot this issue, perform the following guidelines.

  • First, launch the Avast antivirus program and go to the Settings option.
  • Tap General and untick the Enable Deep Screen option.
  • Now, tap the OK button and try to Uninstall Avast Antivirus the My Avast antivirus app.
Avast Free Antivirus Uninstall