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Install Antivirus App

Antivirus is a security application that is used to detect and remove viruses, malware, and threats present on your computer, laptops, mobile phones, etc. There are lots of antivirus applications available for Windows, Mac, and hand-held devices.  Some of the top antivirus applications are listed below.

  • Norton antivirus
  • AVG antivirus
  • Avira antivirus
  • Comodo antivirus
  • Kaspersky antivirus
  • Each antivirus application is different in the way they detect and defend the device against malicious programs. But, the overall function is the same. Based on your preferences and needs, you can download the trial or paid versions of the antivirus applications. Some antivirus applications do not offer the trial version.
  • Before you install the antivirus application on your device, check some of the features a security software must-have.
Install Antivirus App

Real-time scanning:

This is the most important feature an antivirus application should have. This feature will help you to perform safe browsing. When you try to access a website containing harmful content, the real-time scanning feature will detect it and alert you in advance.

Automatic update:

It is important for the antivirus application to be up-to-date to function properly. So, install the antivirus application that has the Auto-update option.


This feature detects and blocks malware present on your computer automatically. Most of the antivirus applications have the anti-malware feature.


This feature identifies and blocks harmful threats that integrate with web browsers and e-mail client software.

E-mail Protection:

This feature scans inbound and outbound e-mails for infected attachments and URLs.

In some of the antivirus application, you can also find the quarantine and blocking features. 

Install an antivirus software on your Windows or Mac computer:

  • In the section above, some of the antivirus software that are available for the Windows or Mac computer were listed.
  • Select any one of the antivirus software from the list.
  • Then, go to the selected antivirus application’s official site.
  • Click the Menu icon.
  • From the list of applications, choose the antivirus application for your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Perform the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the download process.
  • After downloading the antivirus software, open the installer file.
  • Note: the installation process may vary for each antivirus. Some antivirus requires an internet connection to complete the installation, whereas some do not require it.
  • When prompted, enter your antivirus software’s activation or license key.
  • Finish the antivirus application installation by following the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Once the install process is done, you can configure the antivirus settings as per your need.

Install an antivirus app on your Android or iOS device:

Avast, Kaspersky Mobile Security, AVG, Norton Mobile Security, Bitdefender, McAfee Mobile Security, Avira Mobile Security, and F-Secure SAFE are some of the top antivirus apps available for Android and iOS device.

  • Based on your antivirus software requirement, select one.
  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device.
  • Search for the selected antivirus app in the store.
  • Once you find it, tap the Install button followed by Accept or touch Get.
  • After installing the app, you can launch it and start protecting your hand-held device.
Install an antivirus app on your Android or iOS device