Installing And Updating Antivirus Software To Protect Your Hp Pc

There are many infections, programming projects, and security dangers that can damage your PC, permitting access to private data by others or affecting your PCs performance. installing and updating Antivirus software.

installing and updating Antivirus software

Stage 1: Check whether any antivirus is already running on your PC.

  • Open Security and Maintenance or Action Center, depending upon your operating system.
  • Windows 10: Using the search box on the taskbar, open Security and Maintenance.
  • Windows 8: From the Start screen, type Action Center and select Action Center from the results.
  • Windows 7: Click Start, type activity focus in the Search field, and afterward select Action Center in the results.
  • Click the arrow in the Security classification and look for security programs.
  • If an antivirus program is installed and running, you can just Update the program.
  • However, if an antivirus program is installed but not enabled, turn it on and then update it.
  • If no antivirus program is installed, proceed to the with the steps below in installing and updating antivirus software.

Stage 2: Install antivirus programming

  • Numerous HP PCs with Windows accompany Windows Defender. ‘
  • Other HP PCs may accompany free preliminary variants of different antivirus software. However, these software are incapable of preventing the latest threats after a certain period. It is essential to renew your membership to keep the software running.
  • You can also check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for free antivirus software entitled to subscribers.
  • Now, if you want to install any particular antivirus, you can purchase it from a trusted retailer or from the official antivirus website.
  • If it is a CD, then just insert it into your computer’s CD drive and run it. Keep following the prompts on the installation wizard, and the antivirus software will be installed.
  • If you have downloaded an antivirus software, you can follow the procedure in the documentation to install it. For most antiviruses, you get an activation code to the registered email, and using it, you can activate your account and run the antivirus software.

Stage 3: Update antivirus programming definitions

Since new viruses are made and delivered frequently, keeping the antivirus program updated is essential.

  • Open the antivirus software installed on your system.
  • Click the button that reads updates or live updates.
  • An update window opens.
  • Proceed as directed by the prompts to installing and updating antivirus software.