Kaspersky Issues

Kaspersky Antivirus Error

The Kaspersky issues usually occur due to improper configuration and installation or connection issues. These errors can be easily fixed by following the troubleshooting steps provided on this page.

Kaspersky Update Error   

To fix the Kaspersky update error, follow the troubleshooting procedure given below.

  • Try to reinstall the Kaspersky software after a while.
  • To reinstall the Kaspersky antivirus software on your system, perform the instructions as given below.
  • First, delete the installer file from your system.
  • To remove the Kaspersky antivirus software from your system, go to the Control Panel, and click the Programs & Features option.
  • Select the Kaspersky antivirus software file from the program list and click the Uninstall/Change button at the top of the screen.
  • Click the OK button to begin the Kaspersky antivirus removal process.
  • After that, download the new Kaspersky antivirus software file from its official site.
  • Sign into the official site of the Kaspersky antivirus software.
  • Select the Kaspersky software file that suits your operating system.
  • Click the Download button. Once the download is done, open it and run the installer.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to complete the Kaspersky antivirus software installation.
  • Click Finish. Once the installation is done, try to scan your computer, and fix any Kaspersky issues.

Kaspersky Activation Error              

To resolve the Kaspersky error in the Kaspersky antivirus software, go with the procedures discussed below.

  • You can fix it by performing one of the troubleshooting methods.
    • Upgrade to Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 application.
    • Disable the proxy server feature in Kaspersky software.
    • Configure the start of workstation server on your system.
  • To upgrade to Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 application, follow the instructions given below.
  • Purchase the Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 software from the official site of Kaspersky and install it on your working system.
  • Make sure to download the Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 software file that matches with your working system.
  • After the upgrade, try to activate it and check if the Kaspersky issues is resolved.
  • If not, disable the proxy server feature of your Kaspersky software. To do that, click the Finish button on the Activation of Kaspersky Internet Security screen.
  • Click the Settings button followed by Advanced Settings.
  • Select the Network option and click Proxy Server Settings on the right side of the screen.
  • Check if the Use Proxy Server option is checked.
  • If so, click the checkbox next to the Use Proxy Server option to uncheck it.
  • Click the OK button. Now, check if the activation process is possible or not.
  • If not, then configure the start of the workstation service.
  • Go to the Services screen of the Kaspersky, select & right-click on your Workstation, and click the Start button.
  • Now, go back to the Activation screen, click the Start button, and perform the activation process steps as displayed on the screen.

Error Opening Installation Log File Kaspersky    

To fix the error appearing while opening installation log file in the Kaspersky software, perform the troubleshooting steps given below.  

  • Try to run the application’s uninstaller on your system.
  • Usually, the uninstaller.exe will fix most of the issue.
  • Click Start menu, and select the My Computer option followed by Local Disk (C:).
  • Look for the uninstall.exe file in the program list and run it on your system.
  • If the issue continues, then restart the explorer.exe feature on your system. To do that, launch the Run command using the Windows + R keys.
  • Type the taskmgr command in the given field and click the OK button.
  • Click the Processes option on the Task Manager screen.
  • Search & locate the Windows Explorer option from the list of processes and click the Start button at the lower-right end of the Task Manager screen.
  • Wait for the Windows Explorer to restart. Once it is done, try to run the installer.
  • Check if the Kaspersky error is resolved. Launch the Windows Explorer again after a while if the file manager and the desktop icon have disappeared.
  • Open the Run command, type explorer.exe, and click the Enter button on your system keyboard.
  • If the issue continues, then fix the TMP & TEMP directories on your system.
  • To do that, launch the search bar by pressing the Windows + S keys on your system keyboard, type the command prompt keyword in the given field, and select the Run as Administrator option.
  • Type the set TEMP+%tmp% keyword on the command prompt screen and tap the Enter button. Now try to run the installation process.
  • If the Kaspersky issues continues, then manually try to remove the log file from your system.
  • Navigate to the Local Disk C, search & locate the log file, and open it.
  • Search & locate INSTALL.txt program on the Logfile screen.
  • Select & right-click on the INSTALL.txt option, and click the Cut option followed by Paste.
  • If the issue continues, then contact the Kaspersky antivirus technical support.

Kaspersky Windows Installer Error

  • If you had installed any other security software and then check if you have uninstalled the Antivirus program completely from your system.
  • Any registry key that is leftover will also cause this Kaspersky issues.
  • To clear it, press the Windows and R keys to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Type regedit and tap the OK button.
  • Access HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  • Search for the avp**_post_uninstall registry key and right-click on it. Choose the Delete option.
  • Check if you have installed any other security app in your system while installing Kaspersky. Remove it and install Kaspersky.
  • Try installing the Kaspersky Antivirus software now.

Kaspersky Application Installation Error

  • The first solution is to create a restore point in your system.
  • Key in Create a Restore Point in the search bar of Windows. Click it once you find it.
  • Under the System Protection section, select the drive or folder for which you want to create a backup, and tap Configure.
  • On the next screen, highlight the checkbox near the Turn On System Protection option.
  • Click the Create button and enter a description for the restore point.
  • Check if you have entered the correct activation code in the Activation window.
  • If you had installed any previous version of the Kaspersky software, then uninstall it using the removal tool.

Kaspersky Malfunction Error

  • Open the Windows Defender from the Start Menu of your computer.
  • Tap the Settings button available at the top part of the screen.
  • Select the Update & Security option in the Settings window.
  • Disable the Real-Time Protection option on the next screen.
  • Check if the Kaspersky issues has been resolved.
  • Next, open the Kaspersky software on your system and select the Settings option.
  • Choose the Full Scan option followed by the Settings button.
  • You have to modify the File Type Setting to Files Scanned by Format.
  • If the scan process takes longer, then stop it and untick the checkbox near the Parse Email Formats option.
  • Tap the Additional button and tick the box near the Do Not Unpack Compound Files Larger Than 100MB option.
  • Set the file size to 20MB and click the OK button.
  • Make use of the slider bar near the Heuristics Analysis option to perform a deep scan.
  • Untick the checkbox near the iSwift Technology and iChecker Technology option.

Kaspersky Error 1500 

If you get the error code 1500 while installing Kaspersky antivirus on your computer, you can follow these guidelines to fix it.

  • The error code 1500 appears when another installation is in progress. To fix this issue and install Kaspersky antivirus on your computer, you will need to end the other installation processes.
  • To end the other installation processes, navigate to the Task Manager on your computer. Press and hold the buttons 'CTRL, Alt, and Del' buttons.
  • The Task Manager opens. Left-click the More Details option at the bottom. Navigate to the Processes tab and go to the Background processes list. Scroll down to find the Windows Installer process and click it. Choose the End Task option. Now, try to install Kaspersky antivirus on your computer.

Kaspersky Error 1714 

  • The Kaspersky Antivirus error code 1714 appears on the computer when there is not enough storage space on the computer. The other reasons for this error code include outdated BIOS, incorrectly configured system/device drivers, etc. You can follow the guidelines mentioned below to fix the Kaspersky issues.
  • Navigate to the Start menu on your computer and type the words restore point in the search field. Press Enter and then click on the restore point search result to open it.
  • Go to the System properties window beside the System protection tab and click on the Create button.
  • You will need to type a reason for the system restore in some cases. After typing it, click Create.
  • Now, a restore point will be created, and the computer will be restored to that point. You can click Close and then reattempt the Kaspersky antivirus installation.
  • The other solution to fix this error code is to get the correct Kaspersky antivirus code. This code comprises Latin letters and numerals.
  • Check the package in which you received the Kaspersky product if you bought it offline. If you purchased the Kaspersky product online, you can check your email inbox for the activation code.
  • If the solution steps mentioned above did not fix the issue, download the Kaspersky Removal Tool from the manufacturer’s official site. Run the Kaspersky Tool on your computer and perform the actions shown on the tool’s screen. After the removal is complete, click OK to restart the PC. When no Kaspersky trace files are on the computer, proceed with installing the Kaspersky antivirus.

Kaspersky Security Error 27300 Repair Tool

  • The Kaspersky error code 27300 appears on the computer because of a corrupt file download, the internet connection was unstable, bad device drivers, malware on the computer, etc.
  • Follow these guidelines to fix Kaspersky issues.
  • Go to the computer’s registry repair option and repair the registries related to the error code 27300.
  • Remove the malware on your computer after running a deep scan. Perform a disk cleanup to delete all the junk files on your computer.
  • Navigate to the Devices folder on your computer and ensure that the device drivers are up-to-date. If not, update them.
  • Try restoring the Windows system to an earlier restore point.
  • Install Windows system updates on your computer. Use the Kaspersky Removal Tool to erase traces of the old Kaspersky files from your computer.
  • Install Kaspersky antivirus. If the 27300 error code is still not resolved, you will need to contact the Kaspersky tech support.
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